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Since 1884, Malin Company has supplied the highest quality wire and customer assurance with American-made products that stand the test of time. You can find their fishing and camping products at retailers worldwide, and their industrial and safety wire can be cut especially to meet your needs. You can also officially shop for Malin’s wire products online as of April 2021.

Malin is the leading wire supplier of safety wire, lock wire, tag wire, and straightened cut-to-length wire Since 1884. Malin Company has produced high-quality safety wire for use in many applications. From aerospace machinery to hardware wholesale companies, Malin Co. is a number-one source of safety wire products.

The quality wire products Malin produces are highly sought after by their customers, but when you’re that good at what you do, who has time for online marketing?

The Challenge

Malin began working with ADVAN Design and SEO in 2018 to find a way to help customers find them online who were able to do their own research and see how superior their wire products are against industry competitors. Safety Wire SEO is a topic that this design and SEO agency is all too familiar with. ADVAN has over a decade of experience providing digital marketing for niche industrial manufacturers that gets results.

Targeting the online audience for B2b clients is very different than businesses that serve customers directly. Your content has to be high quality and communicate in a voice that shows technical understanding, without losing a conversational tone.

Malin also had quite a few retail partners, including Cabelas, bass pro shop, and others. However, it was time for them to break into the lucrative e-commerce world and be able to sell their products directly to buyers shopping online.

The Approach

Intense research always comes first in our SEO process. Getting to know an industrial manufacturer’s background, goals, and what they do best helps us position them as the experts on Google. We learned who their customers are, how to properly market their products, as well as how not to market their ss wire products. We learned what keywords more of their ideal customers are searching for and designed their website in a way that would lead their customers directly to their products.

Our most recent addition to Malin’s success is building them an online store with Shopify. Now customers can purchase Malin’s quality wire products from anywhere.

The Results

Malin SEO Results

In the time Malin has been partnered with ADVAN, they have secured 222 organic keywords, and over a 30% increase in visibility, leaving their competitors in the dust. What this means for business is hard to exactly quantify, but having customers find your business when they’re searching for what you sell means they’re likely to make a purchase or request a quote immediately. This is why it’s important that they don’t find your competitors first. 

The hope is with developing Malin’s e-commerce platform that the user experience will lead to more sales of their quality safety wire and other industrial wire products in real-time. Fewer hoops to jump through equals more online sales. Period. 

Ready to Use SEO on your Website and Find More Customers Online?

There’s no better way to generate leads and sales than there is with optimized SEO. The customers you want to find also want to find you, and SEO with a great eCommerce website builds the bridge to profits.

At ADVAN Design and SEO, we’re no stranger to niche industrial marketing. In fact, we have over 10 years of serving a wide variety of manufacturers and helping them grow their online brands. We know our clients, and we know how to get results. If you’re not seeing the results you want with other SEO agencies, give us a shot. Contact us today.

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