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Voted Akron Beacon Journal’s Best Dentist for 3 years in a row, Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates has proudly served the greater Cleveland and Akron areas for over three decades. Dr. Marino and associates strive to provide affordable dental services with a wide range of options for the entire family. Services include cosmetics, implant placement, implant restoration, same-day Cerec crowns, Botox & dermal fillers, braces, and Invisalign.

The Challenge

In 2020, several private health care practices including dentistry needed to find a new way to reach their target audience. The world was already burning out from traditional marketing and sales techniques, and the nail in the coffin was our steep drop in face-to-face interaction.
The affordable dental service experts at. Dr. Marino decided they needed to shift their marketing strategy towards growing organic traffic with SEO and making sure their online brand and all marketing materials showed the world that they were still the number one choice for dentists in Akron.

The Approach

Dr. Marino and Associates decided to allocate the rest of their marketing budget towards a website redesign and a monthly SEO strategy. They worked with us to develop a clear, corporate look and brand standards, perform keyword research to position the Marino-Nassif dental offices as the #1 provider of dental implants across Northeast Ohio, pursue the top positions on google that they could reach as local affordable dental services and family dentists, boost their conversions for selected dental services, and become the most trusted brand on dental implants in Google’s eyes. We were excited and up to the challenge to help our clients succeed.

Dr. Marino and associates wanted to be able to take advantage of the power of a memorable brand identity. We recognized that not everyone has a positive association with dental health, but everyone has a positive association with a big healthy smile. We developed their messaging, color scheme, logos for consistent standards across their website, social media platforms, and other marketing materials. This Solidified Dr. Marino as a Family Dentist that local families would remember and keep returning to.

The Results

With the initial Design and SEO makeover, followed by upkeep and continually changing marketing strategies, Dr. Marino and associates we able to increase their organic online traffic, bring on lots of new patients, and retain those patients while continuing to grow their business.
Dr. Marino and associates have positioned themselves as the most trustworthy providers of affordable dental services in northeast Ohio, and are able to expand their business and continue to grow, adding new locations to continue to share their expertise.

Their results speak for themselves:

  • Since September 2019, their organic traffic has increased by 650%
  • Since September 2019, their the number of terms they have in the top 3 positions has increased by 77%.