Depending on the exact shape, size, and material you need to be sealed, there’s bound to be a rubber extrusion profile right for your project. Even if it doesn’t exist on the shelf, a reliable rubber molding company can customize the perfect product for you.

Qualiform Rubber molding is a fully certified industry leader in manufacturing rubber extrusion profiles. They offer a full range of custom rubber molding services. With their expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, Qualiform is able to maintain the highest levels of quality and precision for all custom rubber extrusion profiles. Solutions are available for virtually any application.

As a leading provider of rubber extrusions, Qualiform Rubber molding has supplied rubber products to a diverse range of industries with high-quality for over 40 years. Over the years they have honed their expertise in all areas of rubber molding. Most notably, the team can create parts with complex geometries while meeting strict performance standards.

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The Various Applications for Rubber Extrusion Profiles

Qualiform is capable of creating rubber products with a full range of geometries. You can often find rubber extrusion profiles in many typical household items including rubber trim, weather-stripping, rubber floor matting, rubber seals, rubber grommets, and even pencil erasers. Rubber extrusion profiles are particularly useful as seals and gaskets, as they offer incredible impermeability, flexibility, and resistance.

Outside of your home, they are used in the manufacturing of cars and bicycles, as well as more advanced machinery such as submarines and space shuttles. Many warehouses and manufacturing facilities also use rubber extrusions in rubber rollers, sheets, and rods for their exceptional noise and vibration absorption.

Not all rubber extrusions are created equal, and some shapes are more useful in certain applications than others. Qualiform focuses on manufacturing a full range of rubber extrusion profiles to meet exact specifications with high-quality elastomers. Whether you need B profile extrusions for marine fendering, or T profile gaskets for sealing and insulation, Qualiform has you covered.

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Common Shapes for Rubber Extrusion Profiles

Rubber extrusion profiles from Qualiform typically follow an alphabetical format. Visually, as expected, the attachment points will be shaped like the correlating letter title to fit the exact seal needed. Common shapes manufactured by Qualiform include;

  • B Profile Rubber Extrusions: B profile rubber extrusions are commonly molded with neoprene rubber. As a result, they are highly durable and offer the resistance necessary to perform in a wide variety of applications, especially for marine applications. B profile extrusions made with neoprene also have high impact absorption properties, making them ideal for other intense working environments.
  • D Profile Rubber Extrusions: Rubber D profiles come in several ranges of shapes and sizes as well as rubber compounds. For example, D profile EPDM rubber can offer both weathering and ozone resistance, perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Natural rubber D profile extrusions, however, are better for superior friction resistance and high tensile strength.
  • E Profile Rubber Extrusions: The design of E profile extrusions allow them to latch onto window and door panels without any adhesives or fasteners. They are incredibly easy to install and remove as needed.
  • L Profile Rubber Extrusions: Rubber L profile extrusions offer both sealing and protection properties in many different applications, including anti-slip protection. When paired with rubber floor mats, these extrusions can prevent the mat from moving as people walk over it.
  • P Profile Rubber Extrusions: These types of extrusion profiles are highly versatile and a popular sealing solution for numerous applications. You might see P profile seals referred to as P seals, rubber beading profiles, tadpole seals, piping extrusions, or P profile rubber draught seals as other common names. P profile rubber seals are commonly manufactured in EPDM, silicone, or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) material.
  • T Profile Rubber Extrusions: T profile rubber extruded profiles are recognized by their T-shaped cross-section. T profile rubber seals operate as gaskets that provide both sealing and insulation. Rubber T profile extrusions are a go-to tool in industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace, and can be molded with a full inventory of elastomers depending on the specific application environment.
  • U Profile Rubber Extrusions: U profile extrusions are also referred to as U rubber profile edging, U rubber trim profiles, and U profile channels. Usually designed with EPDM, neoprene, and TPE, rubber U channel profiles are typically used for edge trim and edge protection. Their superior flexibility and tear resistance protect glass and sheet metal panels from drops and other potential impacts. They also prevent any injuries that could occur by running into sharp edges.
Rubber Profile Extrusions By Qualiform

Why Choose Qualiform for your Custom Rubber Extrusion Profiles?

There are many reasons to choose rubber profile extrusions from Qualiform. You can request parts in nearly shape and size, and nearly any rubber material. This means that you also have unlimited choices when it comes to the qualities your rubber part will exude.

Another great benefit of rubber extrusions from Qualiform is their highly trained design and manufacturing team. You’ll always have a US  engineer to speak with regarding your project, with endless options for customization and quality control from start to finish.

Qualiform Rubber Molding | A Top Manufacturer

Qualiform is the top U.S. rubber molder for producing large rubber parts, rubber to metal bonding and complex custom rubber profile extrusions that require special compounds and/or present unique design and molding challenges. They are experts in all aspects of rubber molding and bonding rubber to metal. Their experienced technical staff is always available to consult on your part design and property requirements and keep you updated from start to finish.

Get in touch with Qualiform Rubber Molding today to ensure that you have the exact rubber profile extrusions you need for your industry and application. Visit to learn more.

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