Finding a Reliable Custom Rubber Molder for Your Project

If you are looking for a rubber molder in Ohio, Qualiform Inc. is the best option for manufacturing custom rubber products. Qualiform offers reliable, high-quality products, and they also provide unparalleled customer service. They have extensive experience in many types of custom rubber molding, relative to other rubber manufacturers. Qualiform offers a wide selection of rubber molding services including compression molding, transfer molding, rubber-to-metal bonding and more.
As a leading rubber molder in Ohio, Qualiform has unrivaled versatility. With their experience and variety of services, they can make the product you need for your unique application.
Creating custom rubber molded parts requires time and attention to detail; thus, Qualiform dedicates their time to guiding each of their customers through every step of the process. From the beginning design phase to the final approval of the custom product, Qualiform will be there to ensure you get everything you need.
Furthermore, Qualiform will also assist in deciding what polymer is best for your product. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, however, Qualiform can provide you with virtually endless expert recommendations. With over thirty years of experience in the rubber molding industry, Qualiform can help you find the best process for your product.
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Extensive Material Selection

Different rubber materials suit different tasks and withstand different stresses. For this reason, the experts from Qualiform Rubber Molding Company offer a selection of rubber materials to suit nearly any project.
If you have been thinking about investing in custom rubber parts for your company’s next automotive, outdoor, or industrial project, then you may benefit from opting for ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).  This rubber compound is notable for both low electrical conductivity and its resistance to extreme temperatures. In addition, EPDM rubber costs less than silicone and withstands damage from both water and steam.
Specifically, natural rubber is ideal for tasks that require high levels of both durability and water impermeability, in addition to high stretch ratios. Significantly, natural rubber is useful for shock mounts, rubber bands, and both hoses and tubing, for example.
When resistance to wear, abrasion and water are on the line, synthetic rubber is often an effective solution.
When you need custom rubber parts that resist oil damage, then consider using nitrile rubber for your project.
When you collaborate with an experienced custom rubber fabrication team, you can get the most out of your project. To list, nitrile rubber is notable for high tensile strength, low levels of gas permeability, compatibility with sealing applications and resistance to heat, water and abrasion.
No matter your application, count on the team from Qualiform to help you and your team select the right material for the job. Connect with the Qualiform team today to learn more.

Reliable Rubber Products From a Reliable Rubber Molder

As a custom rubber molder, Qualiform Rubber Molding company leads the way. The Qualiform team has focused its resources on the design of custom rubber products since 1976. Now, for over three decades, they have built their reputation for high-quality rubber moldings and reliable service standards. With their variety of services, including compression molding, transfer molding, color compounds, etc., Qualiform can find the best solution for any unique situation. They will get you the product you need with a quick turnaround, exceptional quality, and reasonable pricing.
In addition to service variety, Qualiform is also dedicated to the application of advanced technologies and developmental resources. Engineering products that surpass client expectations requires the use of state-of-the-art technology.
The Qualiform leadership team also offers 130 years of combined experience in all sectors of the rubber molding industry. Not only do customers trust Qualiform Rubber Molding Company rubber molder, but the employees also hold the company in high regard.
Qualiform invests in the skills of their staff, treating each individual as a valued member of the company. Professional performance is the key to success and the Qualiform staff always excels. When working with Qualiform, quality and professionalism are guaranteed.
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Custom Rubber Molding for Durable Parts | Rubber Molder Ohio

If you are looking for a rubber molder in Ohio, Qualiform has the experience to satisfy all of your needs. They work directly with each of their customers, ensuring each product meets expectations. Find out more by visiting the Qualiform Rubber Molding Company website. Visit today.

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