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Options for Dental Implants Near Me in Lyndhurst, Ohio

Seeing a dentist in Lyndhurst, Ohio, who can provide dental implant surgery? Dental implants are a life changing solution to missing, broken, or decayed teeth. Implants feel, look, and behave like natural teeth, which makes them a smart investment in your dental health. Over time, dental implants near me won’t damage the structural integrity of your surrounding teeth and jaw. With proper care, you can have your implants for 20 years or more.

Looking for dental implants near me? It’s important to know your options for dental implants so you can be sure this is the right solution for you. Here are the main types of dental implants available for teeth that need to be replaced. 


Single Implant

A single implant is a one tooth replacement that uses an implant-supported crown to replicate the natural tooth. When compared to a traditional three-unit fixed bridge option, a single implant is much better for preventing the progression of bone loss because it behaves more like a natural tooth. And, a dental implant does not decay and is easier to clean than a fixed bridge. With the right dentistry in Lyndhurst, Ohio, you can receive a single dental implant that lasts for years to come. 

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Securing Upper or Lower Dentures

Dental implants near me can also be used to secure a set of upper or lower dentures. It can be extremely uncomfortable and disruptive when dentures grow loose, and implants are a great way to fix that.

Because of its horseshoe appearance, and the need to fit your tongue, the lower denture can fall out of place over time. With just two dental implants, a dentist in Lyndhurst, Ohio, can achieve stability and greatly improve your comfort. 

When upper dentures grow loose, they can make food taste less enjoyable and can make chewing bothersome. With the placement of four implants, your upper denture can become secured which will eliminate any discomfort from smiling, chewing, or talking. An investment in these dental implants near me will improve your overall dental health by maintaining your dentures with a leading solution. 


Full Mouth Replacement

If you need all teeth in the upper or lower jaw replaced, then you should opt for a full mouth replacement option. This is when a dentist in Lyndhurst, Ohio, will support your entire upper or lower arch using 4-6 dental implants. This procedure is for those who need total rehabilitation for all of their teeth due to badly broken down teeth, decay, or gum disease.

To be a candidate for full mouth dental implants near me, you have to have good oral health, be in good physical health, not take any medications that inhibit recovery, and be a nonsmoker. Once you find a reliable dentist in Lyndhurst, Ohio, they can talk with you about the next steps in receiving a full mouth implant treatment that revitalizes your smile. 

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Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates is a team of dental professionals serving the Northeast Ohio community with quality dental care. If you’re seeking a dentist in Lyndhurst, Ohio, you can visit their Lyndhurst location to receive cleanings, dental exams, facial services, and more.

When it comes to dental implants near me, Marino/Nassif is a leading provider of this treatment. In fact, more than 7,000 patients have chosen them for dental implants! Not only do they provide outstanding care, but their offices also accept a range of payment options to accommodate your dental needs. They even offer their own discount program, Dental Direct, that lets you save 15-55% off of all their services.

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