Expert SEO Consulting Services | 8 Reasons to Hire SEO Services Near Me

Expert SEO Consulting Services | 8 Reasons to Hire SEO Services Near Me2023-12-27T16:03:47-04:00

Does your search engine optimization need a boost? ADVAN design’s SEO consulting services may be the answer you have been looking for. Our unique process will grow your website and give you the highest ROI than any other agency.

  • Offering unique design & 25+ years of experience with SEO consulting services
  • A partner with skills and SEO consultants to elevate your website on all platforms
  • Reliable, responsive partner with 24-hour design service available
  • SEO consulting services-priced for true value

At ADVAN design we outperform our competitors by not just plugging in your information into a template. We use our process to implement SEO to your website to increase your organic traffic and gain sales for your business.

With over 25 years of experience, ADVAN can give your website the edge it needs with our SEO consulting services. The thorough process that is followed will get your business to where you want it one, three, and five years from now.

What ADVAN Design’s SEO Consulting Services include

As an SEO consulting company we have developed a process to remove all barriers to get your project done. Our overall goal is to make the project as easy as possible and to use our SEO consulting and marketing services to generate growth for your business.


Our first step is the discovery phase.

#1 We learn everything we possibly can about your business and industry. 

#2 You help us understand your business

#3 We identify the challenges you face to truly become the best SEO consultant for you.


This step in our process is to do research and analysis to see what we have to start with. Here is what we will do:

  •  We will look into your current website and the content to audit 
  •  The audit data is then taken to come up with the best SEO consulting solutions.
  •   Our team will look at your competitors to investigate what they are excelling in and how they are outperforming your business.

 Starting here has led us to become one of the most successful SEO consulting agencies in the country.


As a website SEO consultant, we believe that you should be a part of the process on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on what your project needs. Our process includes strong communication with our clients to make sure we are providing outstanding SEO strategy consulting and upholding the branding you want to convey.


As your search engine optimization consultants, we collaborate with your team to work together to find a creative solution to help your website grow.

 #1 We will determine the best methods and messaging to reach your target customers

 #2 Then we will work with you as an SEO strategy advisor to give any updates on new anchor 


#3  You will help us brainstorm new ideas that you would want to implement to try and engage with your target audience. 


After taking in consideration everything that we have learned about your business, industry, and competition we will use our SEO professional services to execute the project. As an SEO advisor we will always maintain focus on your business goals and drive to grow your company.

Post Project

An SEO advisor should not stop after the project has been completed. Once the project is up and running we will continue to search for the right opportunities to grow your business.

There are many other ways to expand your business and our search engine marketing consultant will continue to update you on how to adapt to the changes that may come.

Need a quote for SEO Consulting Services?

Every business has different needs and we are here to help you when you are ready. An SEO phone consultation may be right for you. We can talk about your business, brand, and learn more about your goals with a SEO free consultation. Fill out the form below if you would like to set up a meeting with us or give us a call at (330)-688-1324 to get started today.

What is SEO Consulting?| Does it Actually Work?

Yes! Not only does SEO work it is vital to incorporate into your website. Almost half of a successful website’s organic traffic comes from search engine optimization. At ADVAN, our digital marketers target factors search engines use to rank pages, including HTML titles, tags, image alt text, keywords, website content, and more.

When done correctly, SEO can be a top tool to separate you from your competitors. The bottom line is that SEO consulting will send your page to #1 on Google, increase your sales, and boost your organic traffic in a short period of time. In other words, your website content needs to be educational and informative for customers, while targeting keywords and phrases for Google.

SEO Results – Chart Showing Increase in Organic Traffic over the Past 2 Years

Website Redesigns | Why is SEO important?

A website can be designed to look absolutely stunning with videos, new branding, and a user-friendly layout, but none of that matters if you do not implement SEO. By optimizing your site with keywords, and having an SEO consultant every step of the way will help ensure that your page is ranked higher and make sure that none of the SEO elements are left unchecked.

Does ADVAN do SEO Consulting for eCommerce sites?

ADVAN has experience in everything SEO. Many past and current clients use eCommerce in their websites and ADVAN loves to jump in and help business owners use SEO to get their products higher up in google shopping and really drive traffic to their products.

Without SEO products are only going to be found by people that are searching very hard for them. Most eCommerce sites not only utilize SEO but very competitively fight for the top spot on shopping platforms because who really looks at products past the top three?

The ADVAN Team | The Best SEO Consulting

Our team of digital marketing strategists are search engine experts.After inquiring about ADVAN you will get to know many of the SEO experts behind the scenes. The ADVAN team of digital marketing strategists are search engine experts.All of our experts are in house and offer a variety of services to maximize your website’s potential.

There are typically about 6-8 people working on your project and some of those team members are a lead SEO strategist, other SEO experts, an account manager, and front-end and back-end developers.

Once a meeting is scheduled we will get into the discovery phase to dig deep into your business, and the industry it revolves in. We will develop things to elevate the overall execution, deliver results, and increase quotes over previous months. Our team is passionate about results and will help you achieve your goals.We will also address any pain points that your customers experience with your competitors to get a better understanding on how we can align your business in a place to outperform them.

How Much Does SEO Consulting Cost?

ADVAN design is very transparent when it comes to quotes. We like to provide honest quotes and accurate packages of what we have to offer. To get started with optimizing your website we begin with our discovery phase, onboarding, and prep work which is typically under $2500.  There are different tiers, packages, and maintaining costs that are available to elevate your website after the initial cost which can start at a small budget of $1,200 and go up from there.  After that, it is up to you if you wish to continue investing more into your optimization and maintaining your SEO rankings.

*Pricing varies based on projects needs and it is always best to call for a quote or to set up a meeting to start elevating your website

Successful SEO Client Case Study | R.W. Martin

R.W. Martin is the #1 source for quality industrial laundry equipment, parts, and service. When this manufacturer began working with ADVAN Design in 2019, they had no idea how powerful the right digital marketing advocates would be for their business.
A tailor-made SEO strategy helped R.W Martin master their marketing voice and gain exposure to the right customers who were ready to make a purchase. When you partner with ADVAN, you work with marketing experts who are passionate about elevating your brand. As seen in the graph above, since beginning their SEO program with ADVAN, R.W. Martin has seen steady growth in their online traffic that has shown no signs of slowing down!

SEO Growth-R.W. Martin
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