NMG Aerospace’s Powerful Success Story with Our Design & SEO Agency

When you're as precision oriented as the aerospace engineering team at NMG, you have to be picky with who you partner with. Often times digital marketers don't seek to understand their client's industry, ideal clientele, or language that can and cannot be used. They also tend to set goals for their clients that don't lead to profitable outcomes.


AxessPointe Community Health Success Story

AxessPointe Community Health Centers, originally named Akron Community Health Resources, Inc., opened its doors in 1995 after receiving contributions from the Bureau of Primary Health Care to establish the first federally qualified community health center in Summit County. AxessPointe has five locations currently in Northeast Ohio, including three in Akron, one in Kent, and one in Barberton. As an FQHC, they deliver primary medical and dental care in medically underserved areas. AxessPointe is also able to provide behavioral health, women’s health, and pharmacy services.