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Finding the Right Company to Build Your Ideal Website

Moving your business onto the web is a big step for any company and a fortunate sign of growth. For local Akron businesses, developing an online presence is essential for long-term success and survival in an ever-changing economic landscape. Building a visually appealing, functional website can do wonders for bringing in new customers and advertising your business to a much larger audience. But which Akron website designer is best for you?

Here at ADVAN Design, we take pride in helping local businesses find their footing in digital marketing. We have developed numerous websites for Akron companies in a wide variety of industries, but we understand we are not the only web design company around. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we believe it is important for every business to know what to look out for when choosing a web designer. So, we have put together a list that may help you find the ideal partner in creating your website.

How Do You Know Which Companies to Avoid?

Check Their Portfolio

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A website designer’s portfolio is your best tool in finding out if they are the right fit for your company. If the company you are looking at does not have a portfolio, you should keep looking. A lack of a portfolio is a signal that the company either has little experience or whatever experience they have is not worth showing off. Even a designer who is just starting out in the professional realm will have work they can show you, so a company without a portfolio should be an immediate red flag.

When you find a company with a dense portfolio, be sure to look through it thoroughly. Take this opportunity to look at the sites they have built in the past and gauge the quality of both the visual and written content. If their designs and writing seem amateurish, they probably are not right for you. When a company seems like they might not work best with your industry, it is not always a reason to write them off. You may be able to get in contact and discover their capabilities are the perfect fit.

Monitor Communication Practices

If you decide to make contact and inquire about an Akron web design company’s services, be wary of how they communicate. Do they give you several facts and figures without a thorough breakdown? Does it take them up to a week to respond to a single email? Do they become avoidant when you ask direct questions about their services or portfolio? If the answer for any of these is yes, you may want to rethink your decision.

A central issue with bad communication practices is that you will constantly run into issues during development. You will struggle to get updates on progress or make changes when the designer is not matching your vision. This results in projects taking much more time than necessary and potentially failing to fulfill your criteria.

A truly professional web design company should give you a complete rundown of how your project will progress with clear deadlines before they even begin your project. Once they start working on your site, you should expect regular correspondence and responsiveness to any changes you would like to make. This will ensure you are always in the loop and that you will receive a final product that is to your liking.

Look Out for Shady Offers

Website design services are a significant investment and an important part of your company’s growth. You should always make sure you are getting what you pay for and that the overall costs fall in line with the labor involved. If an Akron website designer does not give you an accurate overview of how much their services and how long they will take, commissioning them could be a huge financial risk.

You should also keep an eye out for offers involving promises that seem too good to be true or options to buy clicks and links. These companies are using unrealistic metrics to stand out from the competition without the ability to follow through. Buying traffic can also hurt your site significantly, often resulting in Google pushing it far from the top rankings.

A reliable website developer will outline the costs for you in extensive detail. They will make it immediately clear that they understand the time and resources necessary for a successful project. These designers will not offer shortcuts but will give you a realistic idea of how they will make your site a success. While they may not have big, impressive numbers to promise, they will guarantee steady, legitimate progress without any hidden costs or risky shortcuts.

Why Should You Choose ADVAN as your Akron Website Designer?

Working with ADVAN Design means you get to partner with a leading Akron website designer. Our team of graphic designers, content creators, and SEO specialists will work to develop a site that distinguishes your brand from the competition and draws in more potential customers.

Our team will discuss your project at length with you directly, so we can get a full understanding of your marketing needs. We will confirm a schedule, budget, marketing strategy, and graphic design requirements, ensuring you are completely on board before we start development. If you have any changes or questions during the design process, we are readily available by email, phone, or even video call to hash out the details.

Our process will also be fully customized to meet the needs of your business and your industry. We will craft unique graphic designs and well-written content that reflects your company’s personality. We can even help you with a complete rebranding campaign if necessary. When you design your website with ADVAN, you receive personalized, creative solutions from the best in the industry.

Start Building Your New Website with ADVAN Design Today!

If you have been looking for web design services or web design companies near me, collaborate with ADVAN Design. Our team of web designers is standing by and ready to help you develop the ideal website for your business. We can answer any questions you have on graphic design, content development, or search engine optimization, so contact ADVAN today and get started on your website design project!

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