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When facing legal issues, it is important to hire a reliable attorney to defend your rights. Cameron B. Pedro, attorney Wadsworth Ohio, represents citizens in Wadsworth and surrounding areas. Whether criminal or civil, he is capable of providing outstanding legal representation.
Any legal situation you come across could have substantial effects on your life and future. If you are facing bankruptcy, divorce, jail time, or anything else, it is paramount to find proper legal representation to protect your rights. One wrong move could have serious consequences; therefore, finding an attorney to provide legal advice is completely necessary in both civil and criminal cases. You need someone who will work tirelessly to protect you, Cameron B. Pedro is the perfect attorney for the job. He will work diligently to mitigate any negative aspects of your case.

Reliable Family Lawyer

Cameron B. Pedro takes family cases very seriously. He is among the best family law attorneys in Wadsworth Ohio, having assisted many Ohio families through difficult cases. Divorces, custody battles, and other disputes can be incredibly stressful for a family to handle on their own; therefore, you should contact a reliable attorney who can provide legal counsel throughout the process. Mr. Pedro can help you identify obstacles and help you find a fair resolution to any family disputes with care and efficiency.
Cameron B. Pedro has extensive experience in family law, having represented countless men and women in Wadsworth and other Ohio areas transition from marriage. He works to help those seeking divorce to get the easy and fair split they deserve.

Criminal Defense Attorney Wadsworth Ohio

Residents of Wadsworth who are facing criminal charges could receive jail time, fines, and other punishments if convicted. Hiring an attorney to defend you against conviction and protect your rights is incredibly important. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to take on criminal charges alone.
Cameron B. Pedro has been defending the Constitutional rights of accused clients in Wadsworth and other Ohio areas for many years. When charged with a crime, you have a right to fair and speedy trial; furthermore, you have the right to be free from any Constitutional violations by the state and the ability to challenge evidence offered by the State. With his extensive experience, Cameron B. Pedro is a Wadsworth attorney who will provide a passionate defense of your rights.

Debt and Bankruptcy Cases | Attorney Wadsworth Ohio

Cameron B. Pedro is also capable of handling financial cases.  If you are facing extreme debt or even bankruptcy, Mr. Pedro is one of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Wadsworth and Northeast Ohio. Furthermore, a lawyer in these situations could help lead you to a more manageable financial position.
The legal method of bankruptcy gives both individuals and businesses a way to consolidate or eliminate debt under U.S. court guidance. However, whether bankruptcy is the correct path for you will depend on the details of your unique case.
Cameron B. Pedro’s unparalleled experience enables him to examine your situation thoroughly. He will analyze your debt and help you decide whether you should file for bankruptcy. If bankruptcy turns out to be the proper path, Mr. Pedro is more than capable of guiding you through the process, providing expert representation to the court. Furthermore, through bankruptcy filings, Cameron B. Pedro has assisted countless people in freeing themselves from the onus of financial stress.
If you are looking for an attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio, or other Northeast Ohio areas, contact Cameron B. Pedro. He will fight endlessly to ensure your rights are protected.

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