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Why Are Bus Operator Training Courses Needed?

Bus operator training courses are needed all over the world for commercial bus, school bus, and tour bus training. Driving a bus is significantly more tasking than driving other vehicles and there are many safe driving techniques and traffic laws bus operators must abide by. 

A bus operator training course is needed in the early process of hiring drivers in order to meet company safety standards before hitting the road.

What Does TAPTCO Provide in the Training Course?

Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) is a well known company that provides bus operator and transit training courses. Offering a wide variety of training courses to choose from, TAPTCO has helped companies for over thirty years to provide the best curriculum and training for bus drivers.

One of the most important classes that TAPTCO offers is the Transit Operator Development Course. This collection of training materials will ensure that your bus operators in training get a thorough understanding of the requirements needed to drive a bus. Some of the course information shared will cover:

  • Federal Regulations – Introduction to professional driving and federal regulations 
  • Safety and Defensive Driving – Advanced professional defensive driving and hazard training
  • Knowledge on the Bus – Understanding vehicular dynamics and performing inspections
  • Driving Situations – Preventing collisions and railroad procedures
  • Driver Knowledge – Preventing driver fatigue and distractions 
  • Passenger Knowledge – Professionalism and customer service
  • Emergency and Accidents Procedures – What to do in the event of an accident

How Are The Training Materials Developed?

These bus operating training courses are carefully created by professional industry experts. The training courses are designed with multiple perspectives from industrial psychologists, learning strategists, and other trainers to provide some of the best course material on bus operating and transit driving. 

Most of the course materials are provided through DVDs, digital copies, thumb drives, as well as book guides for the training course leaders.

Why Choose TAPTCO For Your Bus Operating Training Courses?

For over thirty years, the Transit and Paratransit Company has been designing bus operating programs to create safe drivers nationwide. Over 450 significant agencies use TAPTCO training courses to improve driver safety and reduce accidents. 

Choosing the right bus operating training course will not only provide the security that your company needs, but allow your business to hold the highest standard to promote employee/passenger safety. 

Learn more about bus operating training courses today to properly train your employees and be confident in the transportation services that you offer.

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