3 Reasons Not to Cut Corners on Cut-To-Length Line Machinery

3 Reasons to Invest More in Better Cut-To-Length Line Machinery

Regardless of the state of the world, businesses are always looking to find ways to reduce their spending and trim budgets. However, when it comes to cut-to-length line machines, there are hidden costs when you work with budget suppliers. Costly repairs and a clunky workflow can hurt your company in the long run.
The high price of a quality cut-to-length line machine might seem intimidating upfront, but there are advantages when you make a one-time investment in the right system for your facility. Want to learn more about the hidden costs of making the wrong purchase? Simply read on for more.

1. The Wrong Machinery for the Job

Not every cut-to-length line machine is right for every job or every industrial setting. If your company has a small number of employees, you’ll need more ability to automate repetitive tasks on the production line. You may need your metals formed more precisely or you might need a more efficient process to produce the highest yield.
Often overlooked considerations include the ability to create inter-roll tension, the ability to continue running should a particular motor or gear reducer fail, or the real cost of production considering how much your cut-to-length machine can produce with its given horsepower. Paying a higher upfront cost for quality equipment offers more customized options so you can rest easy knowing you have the right machine.

2. Scarcity of Replacement Parts

It might seem easier to buy a ready-made machine “Off the Shelf” so to speak. If you have onsite mechanics, the expectation is that they’ll be able to keep your cut-to-length line machine up to speed and operations will continue as planned.
The unfortunate truth is that several of the machines available today haven’t been upgraded since their original design, but the replacement parts for older machines tend to dwindle. A reliable, high quality cut-to-length line supplier has the ability to keep spare parts in stock for machines designed and built all the way back to the early 1920s.
You also will often get to work with experienced engineers and maintenance technicians for the entire life of your machine. Having a contracted engineer to provide onsite maintenance assures your success for the life of your purchase.

3. Costly Repairs

The initial savings from most of the lower cost cut-to-length line machines available might seem appealing when you’re looking to trim overhead for your company, but the hidden costs of unexpected repairs will put sink your profits faster than you might think.
The increased downtime and delayed shipments will cause stress for both your customers, and your staff. Producing your product as specified and delivering it to the customer when requested is a non negotiable for standard operations and good business relationships. If your machinery breaks down and you have to pause your production, your customers typically can’t be flexible and will either demand discounts or refunds, and even find another business partner.
Lack of production wreaks havoc on moral, and can even contribute to safety issues from staff that is not engaged while working in a high risk industrial environment. Employee turnover and workplace injury can cost your company profits, and your reputation.
The initial high dollar investment of a quality cut-to-length line machine ensures that you have reduced downtime, with fail safe procedures in place, and your production yield never has to suffer as a result of an out of order machine.
Highly trained onsite engineers that are accustomed to your unique cut-to-length line machine and can work with you to schedule routine maintenance to help you stay on top of your daily operations.

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What Cut-to-length Line Manufacturers Provide the Highest Quality Products and Services?

For over 130 years, companies in the metal and steel processing industry have relied on the experts at Butech Bliss to build better cut-to-length line processing equipment to ensure that their day to day is efficient and their products are high quality. Butech Specializes in coil processing, scrap chopping, hot and cold mill rolling, forging and many other metal forming machinery that industries all over the world seek out.
The company was formed by John Buta in 1985. When Butech started up in the mid 1980’s they had a small manufacturing shop and focused on developing a few innovative machine technologies for the metals industry. Over the years, Butech became a world-renowned supplier of scrap choppers, side trimmers, shears and hydraulic roller levelers. Because at the time, the manufacturing facilities were limited, Butech maintained a focus on manufacturing individual machines until the company purchased the Bliss manufacturing facilities.
With the two companies Joining forces, their campus is now 75,000 square feet 100 percent dedicated to providing the best quality machinery for the metal processing industry. Contact Butech Bliss online at https://www.butechbliss.com/ or call (330)337-0000 for a quote today! You’ll be happy you did.

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