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4 Expert Design Techniques that Amplify SEO

With all the time and effort you put into your business, did you know that a user may navigate off of your site just because they couldn’t find what they wanted within .05 seconds? It might seem harsh, but that’s the average time it takes browsers to form an opinion about your page according to google’s research. Even if your site is currently ranking on google, if your visitors leave too quickly because of they have difficulty finding what they need, your search engine positioning will suffer.

Humans are impatient and visually driven, so if you want to hold their attention, you have to present them with an interface that lays out their choices clearly and is aesthetically pleasing.

Optimize your Site by Designing for Human Beings

In a recent study by Temple University, researchers tracked students’ eye movements as they scanned various web pages. The researchers then analyzed the data to determine how long it took for the students to focus on specific sections of a page, such as the navigation menu, logo, images, and social media icons before they moved on to another section. Results revealed that websites that followed a more minimalist approach maintained the students attention the longest and led them to the desired calls to action with ease.

Make sure your web design is simple and familiar. People have a fixed opinion of what an ecommerce site should look like. While it’s fun to play around with unique and unconventional layouts, people are less likely to continue clicking through if a site feels unfamiliar to them.

Breadcrumbs | Lead the Way to Better Crawling and Indexing

design for seo breadcrumbs

In the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, two children went into the woods dropping pieces of bread onto the ground behind them to ensure they could find their way home. Your users also want to find their way back home easily, as do search engines. This idea eventually became the model for the breadcrumbs we see on websites these days.

This linked text at the top of your web pages can help better define ecommerce attributes like product categories or your site’s structural hierarchy. Using these elements creates more opportunities for users to continue clicking through the site and allows for an easier understanding of your website’s purpose, both for your users and for search engines. Make sure you include this important feature when you design your website for SEO.

Add Proper Headings Before your Content Text

Your website will be more readable and user-friendly when you break up your content with properly structured headings. Using the proper structure of headings also establishes a clear purpose and authority of what type of content your users can expect to find. Not surprisingly, Google finds this attractive when it comes to rankings.

If you’re not experienced with web architecture, make sure you consult with a professional web developer at a reputable SEO company to ensure the correct heading tags are in place for an optimized website with better SEO rankings.

Don’t Be Afraid of White Space

Clearing Whitespace on office desk for SEO

We’re all highly stimulated on a daily basis, so it’s no wonder that design trends are leading us towards a “minimalistic” approach online and in our every day. This includes using more white space around your content, which can convey clear intent and is visually more relaxing to your viewers. White space can encourage them to continue reading through your content, which may result in more opportunities to convert.

Leaving a space empty will provide a better user experience than filling it with something just for the sake of taking up space. Make your website is distraction-proof, and your search engine rankings will trend upwards.

Need Expert Advice on Design for SEO?

If overseeing the day-to-day operations of your small to midsize business takes up the majority of your time, leaving you with less capacity to worry about web design & SEO, it might be time to call in a web design agency.

The professionals at ADVAN Design work one-on-one with our clients to identify how design for SEO can help their business, based on their unique goals. Get in touch with the pros today to elevate and amplify your business for the long haul at

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