Drag Racing Traction Bars / Drag Racing Lift Bars

What’s a great brand you think of when thinking about drag racing traction bars/drag racing lift bars? Desgegoes Southside Machine ring any bells? Southside Machine is a brand from Advanced Resources, LLC, and has been making all your drag racing and car enthusiast gear and parts since 1959. They offer quality products that last and are durable to handle any terrain. Whether you are drag racing or driving for fun, Southside Machine has the products you trust without the expensive cost.

The whole goal of Southside traction and lift bars is to increase traction and reduce wheel hop to give you the best performance vehicle you can imagine. SSM traction bars (aka lift bars/ladder bars) use the axle torque to increase your tire traction by lowering the center of gravity on the rear axle. This is unique to Southside Machine because it forces torque downward instead of forward, planting your rear tires by pushing them down into the pavement. This greatly reduces wheel spin, and eliminates axle-hop. Not only were Southside products created with care and thought, but they were also created by drag enthusiasts who understand that a car can be more than just a car. Delrin bushings in the bars greatly improve stability, reducing chassis flex, providing firm control of the newly found launch power. Easy bolt-on installation requires no welding, making them great for all stock race classes.

Not only can you get drag racing traction bars/drag racing lift bars from SSM, but you can also get a variety of parts. Crossmembers, upper control arms, torque box plates, and truck traction bars are also available for purchase. They have parts for cars ranging from Buicks to Chevys to Cadillacs. No matter the year, be it 1964, 1986 or 2004, they have what you need to make your drag car the fastest on the track.  Advanced Resources manufactures these products with precision and quality and keeps the original Southside designs intact. Quality and history meet modern technology. That’s what you want in the ultimate performance vehicle and that’s what SSM by Advanced Resources can deliver.

Here at Advan, we want to deliver great service as well. We are helping our clients get to the top of the search engines so their businesses can be more successful. We have partnered with Advanced Resources to get them to the next level and we strive to make all of our clients satisfied. Just like customers have been satisfied with SSM products for over fifty years.

If you are a racing enthusiast or just love cars as much as the pros at Advanced Resources and SSM, then click on the link and see what we are talking about. In the words of SSM, “If you’re not using our classic SSM Lift bars – you’ll just be spinning your wheels!”

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