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Want to find Dragon Breath Near Me?

dragon breath near me- peeled garlic If you are searching for “dragon breath near me,” the results may be discerning or even overwhelming. One of two things will appear when you are browsing for “dragon breath near me,” you will either find results for gourmet garlic or results for a unique frozen dessert made with liquid nitrogen. If you are you looking for gourmet garlic, then Dragon Breath garlic is perfect for you.

Dragon Breath’s Gourmet Garlic

dragon breath near me - garlic on tableDragon Breath garlic is grown on a family farm locally owned and operated in Northeastern Ohio. What makes Dragon Breath garlic earn its title of ”gourmet?” That is due to their sustainable growing practices and meticulous attention to detail. A great deal of hard work and care is put into the care of every bulb. Each bulb is grown from a natural seed and is never sprayed with chemicals of any kind.

The bulbs are planted individually by hand, then carefully harvested, inspected thoroughly for quality, and hung in a barn to dry until it reaches your table. Dragon’s Breath’s growing practices retain all of the garlic’s natural health benefits and exceptional flavor.

There are numerous ways to use Dragon Breath garlic. If you are planning on simply adding roasted garlic to bread or using the scapes to make a crockpot garlic chicken, Dragon Breath’s gourmet garlic will turn a simple dish into something unique and memorable.

What is the other Dragon Breath?

You may not be looking for gourmet garlic when you search for “dragon breath near me.” As a matter of fact, you may be hoping to find something much more sweeter. Dragon Breath is also a frozen dessert that is dipped in liquid nitrogen. Once you put it in your mouth, the liquid nitrogen’s freezing temperature combines with the mouth’s warmth to produce visible vapors out of the nose and mouth, like a dragon!

dragon breath near me- garlic in bowlLiquid nitrogen is commonly used to quickly freeze food items. Its consumption can be very dangerous to humans. Be cautious about where you get your unique fire-breathing treat from. If used correctly, Dragon Breath can be a fun experience that makes it look like you are a happy dragon.

Hopefully, this information will help you find exactly what you need when you search for dragon breath near me. Adding “garlic” or “dessert” to your search should help you find exactly what you are looking for. Results may differ depending on the device you use. Smartphones are more opt to provide results based on the location. While you will get more informational results on a desktop/laptop.

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