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Epoxy Garage Floor Colors

The look of natural stone flooring in homes, garages, or patios has been a popular addition over the last few years. What might not be as well-known is that many of the customers who have invested in this type of flooring end up quite unhappy a short time later. There are several reasons for this lack of satisfaction. A quick scan through the Better Business Bureau reveals certain patterns in the complaints people make about nature stone flooring contractors. Some of these common complaints include:

  • Long delays in installation after deposit
  • Issues with flooring shows up shortly after installation
  • Fine print in contract that disappoints customers

Fortunately, there are ways to get the look of natural stone flooring without all of these hassles. Your first step is to reach out to Ohio Garage Interiors.

Epoxy Garage Floor Colors You Can Depend On

OGI uses what is called a polyaspartic coating on their floor. The advantage of this material is that it is impervious to many of the factors that can wear out a natural stone floor epoxy. OGI’s garage floor finishes can withstand street salt in the winter, drastic weather changes (which happen quite often in Northeast Ohio), moisture, foot and paw traffic, and more. The best part is colors will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight either and OGI guarantees their floors for twenty years.

Marble Flake Blends from OGI

If you truly have your heart set on a look like natural stone but you don’t want to work with an actual natural stone flooring contractor, talk to OGI about their collection of marble flake blends. Although these are just varieties of epoxy colors, they can truly emulate the appearance of natural stone. Even though these flooring options look extremely fancy and sophisticated, they are easy to maintain and easy to clean. They will look as beautiful in twenty years as they do now.

What About the Cost of Natural Stone Alternatives?

One of the benefits natural stone flooring installers offer is the cost per square foot. Keep an eye out for the asterisk after that low quote, however. Many natural stone flooring contracts include a notice that if you are not willing to have your floor cleaned and maintained annually by the company, you will not get to keep your warranty. Moreover, as the complaints to the Better Business Bureau indicate, the initial quote on pricing per square foot does not quite tell the whole story. Oftentimes, installations will be delayed or additional charges will come up that were not in the initial quote.

ohio garage interiors logoAt first glance, garage floor finishes from OGI may look more expensive per square foot. However, once you receive a quote from OGI flooring experts, there will not be any surprises. OGI reviews your location carefully and identifies on the front end any obstacles that might elongate the process or make things more difficult. OGI also considers the size of the space, the shape of the space, and more. Knowing that your investment will last decades as opposed to months or just a couple of years is also a good incentive for perhaps paying a little more at the start of a floor installation project.

To learn more about OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings and all of the colors that are available, contact them today.

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