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Cameron B. Pedro | Family Law Attorney Medina Ohio
Family issues are complicated and stressful, and those in trouble who need a family law attorney in Medina, Ohio should contact Cameron Pedro. Whether it’s disputes over custody, divorce or domestic abuse, Pedro can help you. He will give you the legal counsel to protect you and your family, leading you to a brighter future. Cameron B. Pedro is a passionate lawyer who cares about his clients. He will fight for you through your trouble as much as he can while also alleviating some of the heavy, emotional stress of legal proceedings. If you are struggling with your current family issues and are in need of a caring attorney, get in touch with Cameron B. Pedro.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Cameron B. Pedro structured his law firm on the philosophy that you should always put family first. If you and your family are in need of legal counsel, he will not hesitate to assist you. When compared to any other family law attorney in Medina, Ohio, Pedro stands out as a passionate defender of family safety. He also specializes in a variety of legal issues, in which he has many years of experience.


Divorce requires the expertise of an attorney who cares about your family’s future. Even when the divorcing couple has reached a mutual understanding, the legal proceedings can still be complex and stressful. Additionally, aggressive divorces can be extensively trying and difficult. However, Cameron B. Pedro prides himself on working to reduce as much stress as possible during the divorce process. He does his best to make the process smooth and fair while ensuring his clients can make an easier transition into their future. Pedro will fight hard to get you a fair divorce, while also lifting the world from your shoulders. He will handle the strenuous financial affairs of the separation along with all other divorce struggles.

Domestic Abuse and Civil Protection Orders

Domestic abuse is an unacceptable act of violence. If you have been the victim of domestic abuse or if anyone in your family has or is currently fearing future abuse, contact the police or an attorney. Being a family law attorney in Medina, Ohio, Pedro can help you distance yourself from abusive situations. He will assist you in acquiring civil protection orders to end any future contact with abusers. Furthermore, Pedro will fight for compensation for any injuries you or your loved one has received. He will help you get anything you deserve under the law in regards to domestic abuse.

Child Support, Custody and Visitation

Your child’s safety and your rights as a parent are incredibly important, so hiring an attorney to protect them is completely necessary. If you are looking to receive the child support you are owed or fighting for custody/visitation rights, Cameron B. Pedro will help. He will put endless effort into protecting your parental rights. His time as a Medina family lawyer has led him to giving parents the best possible outcome in their cases, and he intends to continue doing so.
Pedro has been a family law attorney for more than fifteen years. During his time, he has represented Medina residents in a myriad of criminal and family cases. If you need a family law attorney in Medina, Ohio, do not hesitate to contact Cameron B. Pedro.

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