How Do I Find The Best Used Granulators For Sale?

Looking For Used Granulators For Sale?

Plastic granulators are innovative pieces of equipment that break down plastic products for further recycling. Having a granulator at your facility allows you to waste less, repurpose plastic, and create a cleaner working environment. If you don’t have the budget for a brand new granulator, you can consider shopping for used granulators for sale.

Sometimes facilities are hesitant to shop for used granulators for sale because of the implications that come with buying used equipment. What if it doesn’t work right? What if the version is too old? How much will I have to spend on repairs?

Luckily, there are reputable plastic equipment sellers who provide quality used granulators for sale at the right price. Let’s take a look at the considerations you need to make to find the best plastic granulator.

What Are Your Facility Needs?

First, determine how used granulators for sale will fit into your facility. There are a number of processes that granulators can be used for: blow molding, extrusion, injection molding, and more. So, depending on your type of work, this will help you find the right used granulators for sale.

In addition to application, consider the type of plastic your facility works with. Plastic sheets will be processed differently than water bottles, for example. Different granulators are better for certain types of plastic. What is the thickness of your plastic? How much material will the granulator need to process? If you run a smaller operation, chances are you don’t need the most expensive granulator on the market.

If you have questions about the specifics of used granulators for sale, talk to different sellers about your concerns. Equipment sellers are experts in the field and can lead you in the right direction.

Rotor Type and Style

The rotor in used granulators for sale is a key element that works differently, depending on the type of granulator. Open rotors are usually best for heat-sensitive resins, because they allow for more airflow. Closed toros, however, leave no space between the knives and the shaft. This means that they apply more strength and are better for thicker plastics. However, these used granulators for sale aren’t the best at staying cool.

Staggered rotors are used to cut heavy materials and can come closed or partially open. If you have heavy plastics that make large products, this might be the best option. Talk to the equipment seller and find the best used granulators for sale.

But What About Maintenance?

As mentioned, maintenance costs are a big deterrent that makes people wary of purchasing used granulators for sale. The cost and regularity of maintenance will partially depend on the previous life of the used granulators for sale. The knives used in granulators wear down over time. Because the knives do the cutting, they need to remain as sharp as possible. If you want a used granulator to work like new, you may consider sharpening the knives.

If used granulators for sale require more serious maintenance, this could be the fault of the seller. Used plastic processing equipment should not break down constantly simply because it’s been used before. When you go to look at inventory, keep in mind the look and upkeep of the machine. Ask the seller for the machine’s history for extra insight into potential maintenance requirements.

With an honest seller, used granulators for sale should work like new. When you find the right used equipment you can give it a second life, and contribute to the recycling movement.

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