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Are you having trouble finding reliable plastic companies that produce Glastherm products? If so, you have finally found the solution to your plastic product needs. Jaco is a highly experienced plastics manufacturer that has a variety of Glastherm products. Glastherm HT 550° F, Glastherm HT220, and Glastherm HT250 are a few options they offer.
Finding a plastics manufacturer that is both reliable and capable of providing all the services you need can prove to be difficult; however, Jaco can help you get nearly any product you need. With their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality parts, Jaco can get a job with incredible efficiency. They can quickly produce reliable products at a reasonable price. By providing products of unparalleled quality and impeccable customer service, Jaco has maintained its position as a leading plastic company in Ohio. From the very beginning of the design process to the end of production, Jaco works by your side until you are completely satisfied.
Jaco also employs modern technology to improve its efficiency. With the latest CNC equipment, coupled with the usual machinery in the process, Jaco can get you the parts you need at a consistent quality. Furthermore, their immense experience in plastic machining allows them to create any component you need in a cost-effective manner.

Jaco’s Glastherm Products

Glastherm HT 550° F is a mineral-filled, fiberglass enforced sheet, which contains a heat-resistant, polyester, thermosetting resin. This is best for use in thermal barrier applications in temperatures of 550° F or under.
The Glastherm HT220 thermal insulating sheet combines low thermal conductivity with high compression strength.
Glastherm HT250 is a thermal insulating sheet that can save energy while pressing. The most common application is in hydraulic, wood, and tire presses.
Furthermore, these products are also Ideal Platen or Mold Thermal Insulation. They reduce energy consumption and improve upon processing variables for thermoset and rubber molding. Jaco’s Glastherm products can also be cut to size.

An Experienced Manufacturer

Jaco’s unparalleled expertise offers a large variety of benefits and advantages relative to their competitors:

  • Superior quality control processes, meeting and surpassing industry standards easily.
  • Assistance during the entire plastic machining process. By your side from product development to full manufacturing.
  • Jaco’s experienced team and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology can make a reliable, cost-effective product.
  • Protection against market volatility through long-term business relationships.
  • Custom packaging options to meet all customers’ unique needs and specifications.
  • Total commitment to each and every client, working with them at each step to ensure complete satisfaction with both the process and the product.

If you are in need of Glastherm plastic products or other plastic products in Northeast Ohio, Jaco is the perfect company for you. They will bring you the exact product you need every time.

Why Choose Jaco Products

The Jaco Products machine shop is a leader in quality for the industry. Customers who choose Jaco gain a myriad of different advantages. Jaco meets industry standards with ease by providing superior quality control processes. Furthermore, they offer guidance through the entirety of the development process, from beginning to end.
Jaco customers also reap the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. Jaco’s use of modern technology provides quality products in a cost-effective, efficient fashion. Their consistency in quality of service defends their customers from a shifting, volatile market by developing long-term, professional relationships.
Jaco’s plastic machine shop provides a complete commitment to all their customers; furthermore, if a customer is not satisfied, Jaco is not satisfied. They wish to ensure every customer gets exactly what they need. Jaco even provides custom packaging options. Visit their website at for more information.

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