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Just because you don’t think about it every day, doesn’t mean you should be dissatisfied with your garage drain cover. A garage drain cover is an important part of the overall aesthetics of your garage, so you shouldn’t have to look at a rusty cover day after day.

Traditionally, most garage floor drain covers were made using cast iron. Cast iron is a popular material that’s used to produce mass quantities of products you probably use every day. However, cast iron isn’t resistant to rust and corrosion, and over time, it inevitably deteriorates. In a garage, this process may happen even faster. Garages are constantly exposed to outdoor elements, and cars and other vehicles track in dust and dirt from the road. Without a strong garage drain cover, the lifetime of a cover can be only a few years. After that, your cover may start to rust and deteriorate, or even crack into small pieces due to wear and tear.

Thankfully, there are innovative solutions to replacing your garage drain cover.

What’s The Best Material? | Garage Floor Drain Cover

As mentioned, cast iron is not the best material when it comes to your garage drain cover. So what types of materials should you look out for when purchasing a new cover? Look for high quality steel that’s American-made, and comes with a warranty.

One of the strongest types of steel is powder coated carbon steel. When it comes to a garage floor drain cover, this material is the best on the market. Powder coated carbon steel has high tensile strength and shock resistance, which makes it a popular choice for construction and piping. In addition, the powder finish on this material means it’s extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. So if you’re bringing in moisture to your garage from outside, or hosing down your garage floor, there’s no need to worry about rust buildup. This material is engineered to withstand all types of weather and moisture.

If you want a garage drain cover that will last decades, look out for powder coated carbon steel.

Find The Right Size For Your Garage Drain Cover

A common barrier between finding the right garage floor drain cover is finding the right size. If you’re shopping at a large hardware store, you’re not going to have many options beyond small, medium, and large. But drains are specific, and the size of your drain may not fit into a general category.

If you want to find the perfect garage drain cover, look for a manufacturer or company who offers customization. That way, you’ll get a cover that you know will fit, and you won’t have to worry about finding another replacement, or going back to the store for another size. Not only does this relieve stress, but it means you’re making a one-time purchase on a garage drain cover that lasts.

Find A Garage Drain Cover

If your current garage floor drain cover is rusted or broken down, it’s time to find a replacement. But don’t just settle for the first drain cover you see at the store or online. Find a garage drain cover made from a durable material that comes with a lifetime warranty. You want this to be a one-time purchase, so don’t waste your time and money buying different covers until you find the right size. Look for a seller who offers customization, and find the perfect fit for your drain.

Once you’ve found a long-lasting garage drain cover, you can enjoy a sleek, new addition to your garage space.

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