How Manufacturers Can Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hub for networking and business development, which makes it a great way for manufacturing companies to strengthen their reputation. If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider how you can leverage LinkedIn for marketing. Not only can this tool help drive business, but LinkedIn also gives manufacturers a place to tell their story, share new developments, and bridge the gap between consumer and company. 
Want to know what makes this platform so useful? Let’s talk about the benefits of LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is much more than a social site. For starters, it’s a great place to recruit new employees. You can post jobs on LinkedIn and have candidates apply directly through the site, which simplifies the hiring process. 
Even if your company isn’t hiring right now, LinkedIn is a tool for the future. Start scouting out talent through the network so that when the time comes to hire, you already have a vision of what you’re looking for in a candidate (and maybe even a few names).
LinkedIn also keeps you updated on your competitors and their progress. Study this information and use it to adapt your strategy to meet customer needs that aren’t being met otherwise. 
Any connection — whether it’s a competitor, prospective employee, or business professional — means that one more person knows your name and sees your brand, and that’s a step in the right direction.

How do I leverage LinkedIn for marketing?

First, you’ll need a LinkedIn profile photo and background image. Select a profile photo that is high-quality and business professional — avoid using a selfie or an old photo. Pair your profile picture with a background image that visually tells your company’s story. 
LinkedIn also has a spot for a headline that goes right below your profile picture. Use this one-liner to drive home your mission and skillset.
Finally, LinkedIn has a Recommendations & Endorsements section where connections can suggest your services or endorse a certain skill. This is often reciprocal, so if you endorse an employee or client, that might earn you an endorsement as well. As you grow your LinkedIn network, consider using this tool as a way to strengthen your profile.

Posting Content on LinkedIn

Once you’ve built your profile, keep the momentum going by posting content on LinkedIn several times a week. Though some of the content should be original, you should also curate content from industry blogs, research studies, and relevant news stories. Turn on Google Alerts to help you find surveys and reports that you can repost. 
You can also highlight employees and work events on your profile. Post a photo from a company party, or shout-out some outstanding work. Your connections will find this content personable and engaging. 
Because of how vast the LinkedIn network is, curating and posting content is a great way to build your brand voice. Not only can you target new consumers, but potential hires, competitors, and existing clientele can all see your content. Use this as an opportunity to showcase who you are, what you stand for, and what makes your brand exceptional.

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