3 Biggest Reasons to Get an HVAC Zoning System

HVAC Zoning: Accessible to All

When HVAC zoning systems were first invented, they were only in commercial buildings. But today, these systems are being installed more and more in residential buildings. This is because HVAC zoning provides many benefits to homeowners that cannot be found elsewhere.

In this blog post, we will discuss 3 of the biggest reasons why homeowners should be making HVAC zoning systems from Arzel Zoning a priority in their homes. But first, what is it? And how exactly does it work?

What is HVAC Zoning?

HVAC zoning systems, also known as zoned HVAC, are designed to regulate airflow. In this way, customized temperature zones can be created throughout the house for increased comfort and system efficiency.

Zoning is the most practical way to control the temperatures in a home. To most easily understand why zoning makes sense, try comparing it to a light switch. A single master switch for all the lights in the house wouldn’t be appropriate, would it? This same principle applies to heating and cooling. One master control for everything is wasteful.

Arzel’s AirBoss HVAC control system features motorized dampers and thermostats for each room or “zone” in the house. In this system, each thermostat’s call is coordinated with the zone dampers in the ducts and the HVAC system, to reroute air to where it is needed. When the thermostat signals a change, dampers will act in accordance, making sure the room is conditioned as desired.

So why should homeowners want this system? The following list is just a few of the reasons why:

1) Comfort

HVAC Zoning can help you stay comfortable year-round by adjusting your home’s temperature in various “zones” automatically based on your preferences and needs. For example, this means a cold spot in your house can finally be made “normal” without turning the rest of the home into a sauna! Naturally, homes can’t be perfect, but with HVAC Zoning you can get ever so slightly closer.

A 3D diagram showing how HVAC zoning systems control temperature in the home

2) Energy Savings

With the HVAC zone strategy of cooling or heating a house, you are able to turn off specific areas of your home, ultimately reducing costs. You will be able to watch as your energy bill gets cut down to size. This can be especially practical for those who own larger homes, with areas of the house that see less frequent use.

3) Flexibility

Not everyone living under the same roof will always have aligning preferences and tastes. With the flexibility that HVAC Zoning provides, conflict can be easily avoided. No longer will there be complaints of things being too hot or too cold. Each zone can get its own unique settings, allowing for everyone to maximize comfort.

Where to Find HVAC Zoning Near Me?

What HVAC zoning does is allow homeowners to create a custom HVAC system tailored specifically for their homes and needs. This allows them to have the perfect temperature, humidity level, or airflow no matter where they are in the house.

Quality is always paramount when it comes to making alterations to your home, so it is important to find HVAC installers you can trust. If you’re interested in learning more about HVAC zoning and find out the cost of installation, contact the experts at Arzel. They can help you decide which type of system is best for your home, and how it will best benefit you. Contact Arzel Zoning today to learn more.

If you are adding an extension to your home, it’s a good time to think about a hvac zoning system to keep all the areas of your new, larger home at a uniform temperature.  Brands that we recommend are:

  • AirBoss
    • The AirBoss® is a one-of-a kind heating and cooling system that’s perfect for larger homes or light commercial applications. It can control up to eight zones, with the flexibility of being able to operate single or multi stage equipment like heat pumps. The AirBoss® works with any standard 24 volt systems including split geothermal, heat pump and conventional furnaces/air conditioners which makes it great for both new construction as well as retrofit projects in existing structures if you want more than two floors cool at once!
  • HeatPumPro
    • When it comes to heat pump systems, HeatPumPro® has the latest in zoning control technology. With its built-in staging and software-based programming, this system is simple and cost effective for getting maximum efficiency out of your heating or cooling needs. The custom defaults are stored on memory so commissioning can be done with just a touch of a button.
  • GTPro
    • GTPro® software monitors the geothermal unit and captures energy efficiency while maximizing comfort. GTPro’s intuitive interface makes it easy to set up, monitor, and analyze your system from a PC or laptop at home. And if adjustments are needed in the field for you ground loop temperature sensor there is an option that will transfer any necessary program changes onto a USB drive so service technicians can upload them directly into their panel on site with ease.
  • CoolMizer
  • The CoolMizer® system keeps your home comfortable by strategically introducing either ventilation air or free conditioning air and is the best EconoMizer HVAC. Utilizing the blower, it draws in outdoor fresh air and distributes it through a ducted heating/cooling system. The introduction of outside coolness is at the discretion of how warm you need to be based on temperature and humidity parameters for each mode- when conditions are favorable, mechanical climate control will hold off until needed again while dampers open up to let some refreshing natural breeze into your house.
  • MPS Series
    • The MPS® series is designed for controlling single-stage, heat/cool, or heat pump equipment. The system provides basic comfort control in two or three zone applications and while the MPS® only works with single stage systems it offers one of the more economical zoning options on the market.
Arzel Zoning Technology, Inc. | HVAC zoning systems

For almost 40 years, Arzel® has been manufacturing and distributing the highest quality HVAC zoning equipment from our factory in Cleveland, Ohio. Our products offer superior quality and reliability, ease of installation, and the industry’s ONLY lifetime warranty. The company grew to the size it is today by using a simple philosophy: Offer a long-lasting product at a fair price, that will improve comfort in a customer’s home or business.

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