The Best Equipment for Your Industrial Laundry

What Your Facility Needs To Be the Best

Industrial laundry and dry cleaning facilities need high-efficiency equipment they can depend on. If you are searching for industrial laundry equipment for sale, consider a company that has an extensive industrial laundry parts inventory.

Reliable parts for your industrial laundry machine are just as important as the machine itself. You’ll want to find someone that provides quality parts and machines, and that can service them on the spot as well. Once you’ve found a great provider, it’s time to start picking out your machines.

Here are some of the best equipment options you should consider for your facility:

Washing Machines and Washer Extractors

For facilities that regularly clean high volumes of laundry, it’s crucial to install washers with exceptional efficiency. It’s best to pick a provider that offers a wide variety of washing machines and washer extractors for the best options and results.

Industrial laundry equipment can be used in a variety of facilities such as hotels, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Each of these different facilities depends on reliable new or used laundry equipment to keep their day-to-day operations running effectively for maximum productivity.

Tunnel Washer Systems

A tunnel washer is a type of high-capacity, continuous-batch industrial laundry machine. Compared to standard industrial washing machines, tunnel washers can process significantly larger loads of laundry more efficiently with reduced energy consumption and increased water savings. They are the ideal choice for laundry operations that need to clean high volumes of laundry daily.

Tunnel washer systems are designed with perforated metal, which allows laundry items to travel in one direction through the machine while water and cleaning solutions move in the opposite. Soiled linens can move through cleaner water and fresher chemicals as they travel towards the exit of the washer. With a tunnel washer system, you can easily clean a variety of items and maintain a constant flow of clean laundry, reduce washing time, and increase efficiency.

Industrial Dryer Equipment

No laundry facility is complete without reliable, high-efficiency dryers. Industrial dryers are the final step in ensuring your laundry items have been cleaned and treated thoroughly. If you are searching for an industrial laundry machine that maximizes floor space and exceptional performance, industrial dryers are the answer. Here are some advantages of using an industrial dryer:

  • High-Strength Design: Stainless steel ensures your dryer has the longest operational lifespan possible and the dryer door and hinges can endure the repetitive opening and closing of a typical laundry facility.
  • Efficient Operation: High-efficiency drying for all types of laundry items makes sure you never have to worry about pulling out damp laundry after a cycle.
  • Low-Maintenance: Most dryers feature self-cleaning lint screens and trays to eliminate cleaning time.

Direct Contact Water Heaters

Deep cleaning is almost impossible without hot water. Hot water is necessary for cleaning stained tablecloths, napkins, mop heads, greasy uniforms, and any other soiled laundry. At laundry cleaning facilities, water systems are essential for operation, so the efficiency of your direct contact water heater heavily influences efficiency.

When your operation is left without sufficient hot or soft water, everything comes to a halt, which wastes time and money. A direct contact water heater can exponentially upgrade your operation. They significantly improve productivity and uptime while saving energy and reducing wastewater.

In The Cycle

High-quality new and used laundry equipment is essential to upgrade your laundry facility. Whether you own a hospital, hotel, or nursing home, an industrial laundry machine will optimize your productivity, reduce time and expenses, and ensure your daily operations continue running all day long. Find an industrial laundry provider near you to pick your equipment and get your system working for you.

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