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Building a successful business is stressful. It is challenging to consistently bring in new clients while also competing with rivaling prices and customer service. Therefore, it is important avoid security breaches as much as possible. Quality IP provides IT services in Akron as well as security that will do exactly that.
If you run a large-scale business, you likely have very little to worry about in your security. However, if you own a smaller business, security breaches can be life-changing. You are already putting endless amounts of time and effort into managing costs and maintaining profit. A break-in is last thing you want to deal with, and Quality IP can help you avoid a criminal disaster.

Keep Your Business Secure

Quality IP has a multitude of tools to keep the profits in and the criminals out:

  • CCTV: Keeping an eye on your business is of the utmost importance. If any criminal activity occurs, having it on video can make the proceedings much smoother. Quality IP also offers different options for this system. If you are on a strict budget, you can get a black and white package; however, if you are willing to spend the money for safety, Quality IP will install a full color-system with zooming, tilting, and panning functionality.
  • Monitoring Alarms: Quality IP can install alarms on all the common places where criminals break in. They can cover situations including broken windows, the opening of a locked door or even suspicious movement around your location. These alarms will catch any of this activity and will contact a security guard or the local police.
  • Audio Surveillance: Bolster your video security system with Quality IP’s audio surveillance. The information you can obtain through both audio and video surveillance is invaluable. Furthermore, it makes it easier for law enforcement to catch the perpetrators.
  • Controlling Access: Quality IP can install parking gates, elevator control, keypads and even Optical RFID proximity technology. This will give you complete control of access to your business, further limiting break-in opportunities.

The Quality IP Timeline | IT Services Akron

Quality IP started providing IT Services in Akron and Northeast Ohio in 2003. In the very beginning, they specialized in Voice over IP. VoIP is a cloud-based telephone service that trumps all other old, antiquated phone services. Coupled with their customer base of close friends and family, Quality IP was able to begin building a successful company.
Quality IP then started adding to their selection of services. This progressively brought in more customers, allowing for a consistent customer base passed their loyal friends and family. Later, in 2008, Quality IP founder, Ryan Markham, hired his wife, Sarah Markham as Vice President of the company. She gave them the ability to find the resources necessary to build a skilled sales staff. Today, many of the members of the original sales staff are still working for Quality IP.
Quality IP has grown much since 2008. They grew to support over 350 businesses in Northeastern Ohio, and they are more than capable of taking on more clients. If your business needs IT services in Akron contact Quality IP. They will help you save money in the long run, while making your business incredibly secure.

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