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Manufacturing Metal Truck Ramps That Simplify Loading Tasks

Copperloy has the metal truck ramps that you need to simplify any possible loading task. Sixty years of experience creating dock equipment, speaks for itself. Coppereloy is the leading manufacturer of all your loading and unloading needs. With in house engineering and technical sales department, they will deliver the product to meet the demands of any application.  No matter what industry or the specific needs and challenges are. You can trust Copperloy’s products. Want your loading and unloading done quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible? Do you in need of loading/unloading solutions for short term use for your peak periods or tempory sites? Contact Copperloy today.
If your facility does not employ a permanent loading bay. Copperloy ramps are an ideal solution, providing fast, efficient loading and unloading of trucks or trailers by forklifts. Ramps can conveniently be used inside or outside of buildings. Including tight and small areas where docks are not available.

Safety First | Metal Truck Ramps | Loading and Unloading Done Right

Copperloy understands that you rely on your ramps to deliver a job completed efficiently. If employing unsafe and unreliable metal truck ramps this can be a substantial liability in the making for your routine loading and unloading process.  When moving heavy cargo in and out of trucks on a frequent basis the ramps should be capable of handling the workload. With Copperloy’s ramps, you not only gain simple and efficient ground-level access to your trucks from anywhere in your warehouse or other facilities but also gain peace of mind the job is done right.  Copperloy’s metal truck ramps will allow maximum productivity, improving overall capabilities for material handling applications of all types. These ramps have unparalleled resistance to the usual wear and tear of the standard workday.

Twin Lock Ramps | Split Metal Truck Ramps

Split metal truck ramps are unique, versatile, and convenient.  These ramps are made of aluminum and are light but roust and will deliver.  Split metal truck ramps are available in varying lengths and can handle capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs to 7,500 lbs.

  • 10-foot: Accommodate heights from 20 to 28 inches
  • 12-foot: Accommodate heights from 25 to 34 inches
  • 14-foot: Accommodate heights from 29 to 40 inches

With standard widths of 19″ and a locked width of 38″.  Including additional features of 15-degree grade angles, 3″ safety curbs, a 12″ lip, and shark tooth decking.  These features work cohesively to assure safe and smooth operation.

Metal Semi Truck Ramp | Yard Ramp

For those with semis, tractor trailers, and box trailers, Copperloy yard ramps are the best fit.  These ramps provide ground-to-truck access. Featuring designs made from the highest quality of metals.  Whatever the necessary capacity, Copperloy offers steel or aluminum bases to best fit your loading and unloading needs. With many options available. Heights from 38 to 65 inches.  Weight capacities support 16,000 lbs. to 35,000 lbs.  And widths include 70″ and 84″.  Need wider widths or more custom specs you can contact the Copperloy team with your custom requirements.

Advan Design | Copperloy | Metal truck Ramps

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If you or your Facility is in need of Metal Truck Ramps, Copperloy is here to help. Offering a wide range of products, and in house engineering, the team is always up for a challenge if you need a custom fit. Copperloy offers Financing, and rentals depending on your needs. Offering a large variety of makes and models, guaranteeing to find the perfect fit for your specific loading and unloading specifications. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp!  To learn more about what Copperloy has available visit their website.  

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