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Allscapes Ohio was founded in 2009 with a mission to service commercial and residential properties in Summit, Cuyahoga, and Portage counties. They provide quality outdoor maintenance services at an affordable price, and handle everything from drainage to hardscapes to snow removal. Allscapes is a trusted community resource to make your property shine.

The Challenge

When Allscapes approached ADVAN for marketing services, the challenge was to sell them as a leading local landscape provider. Landscaping is a difficult market to compete in due to the abundance of lawn mowing services, corporate landscaping companies, and DIY solutions. So, we had to find a way to perform SEO that spoke to a local audience, and gave customers an abundance of reasons as to why Allscapes was the best choice for them.

The Approach

The first step in marketing for Allscapes was to build them a speedy, easy to use website that showcased their services. When potential customers are browsing the Internet for landscape services, they want to quickly be able to assess a company’s capabilities. Can they install irrigation systems? What about fertilizing? Do they specialize in commercial properties, or residential as well?

Once we had an intuitive user experience built for the Allscapes website, the next step was creating strong backlinks through blogging. But what type of content appeals to their audience? It was important for our technical writers to consider that, oftentimes, people are seeking an explanation for their lawn problems. So, rather than just writing about how Allscapes can fix a drainage issue, we also presented possible problems that a customer could be having with their current situation. Whether it’s explaining how mold builds up, how a home’s foundation is eroded by excessive water, or how water draws in more bugs, we looked for creative ways to talk about lawn problems and, of course, the Allscapes solution. 

The Results

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The combination of content building and technical website work meant that Allscapes was able to see incredible results. Thanks to the work that ADVAN put in the last several years, Allscapes now has more than 900 organic keywords ranking in the search results! They are also visited by more than 1,600 organic users each month.

Thanks to an honest, long term investment in SEO, Allscapes is able to service more customers than ever throughout Northeast Ohio. 

Find More Customers With SEO

Our partnership with Allscapes Ohio is a testament to the power of SEO. Believe it or not, there’s no magic button to push to see results, and no one action that makes you rise in the search engine results. It takes teamwork, focus, and a deep understanding of our clients to get the results we do. 

Allscapes has committed to years of investing in SEO, which means they have trusted our process. Over time, they got the results they were looking for. With a little bit of faith in the digital marketing process, your company will see results like never before.

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