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In 2001, ADVAN partnered with AJD Holding Company, the parent company of Brookfield Wire. This family-owned, third generation company began by investing in sell sheets and graphic design. It wasn’t until a few years ago that they began investing in SEO services.
In 2019, the AJD Holding Company began by investing in SEO for Jaco Products, a sister company of Brookfield Wire. Given how impressive the results were, the company wanted to apply the same SEO services to Brookfield and other companies.
Brookfield Wire is a bulk wire supplier, and can supply large quantities of wire to businesses at a competitive price. ADVAN realized that the bulk wire deals were an outstanding aspect of Brookfield’s business, and used this as part of our SEO strategy.

The Challenge

Once Brookfield Wire increased its SEO budget, ADVAN got to work optimizing its website. We included calls to action about bulk wire, and found creative ways to emphasize what made their business unique. We also worked on building out technical SEO strategies, creating content and blogs that told the world: “This is why Brookfield is the best.”

In 2020, Brookfield increased their SEO budget. Even a quick glance at Brookfield’s organic search traffic chart tells the story of what happened next. 

The Approach

So how did ADVAN get Brookfield results? With creativity and a deep understanding of SEO. Not only did we optimize their website and write stand-out content, but we also took a good look at what makes Brookfield Wire unique. They have great deals on bulk wire that other manufacturers simply aren’t offering. So, we created calls to action and website banners that communicated this point. We made it a goal so that website visitors not only arrived at the website, but stayed there and made a purchase.

The Results

Just one year later, Brookfield’s results have skyrocketed. They have 101 organic keywords in the top 3 positions, and 155 terms in positions 4-10. What this means for business is hard to exactly quantify, but having your website in the top three positions is an enormous driver of business. In fact, the top search result on Google receives an estimated 33% of traffic. 
So far, ADVAN has been able to get Brookfield Wire 16 #1 spots for organic keywords! The impact SEO has had on their business is incredible, and it is without a doubt the best return on investment a company can make when it comes to marketing. ADVAN did this by focusing on Brookfield Wire’s incredible bulk wire deals, helpful staff, and their quality product.