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Copperloy is a leading manufacturer of quality loading dock equipment made proudly in the USA. Their manufacturing facility uses the latest technology to produce ramps and ramp equipment that lasts. 

What can Copperloy provide? When it comes to locking dock equipment, the team at Copperloy are experts. New and used yard ramps, edge of dock levelers, dock boards, and lifts and accessories are all made with care and precision. Copperloy has truly set the bar for loading dock equipment, proving to their customers that there are no other products on the market that can perform this well. 

In 2017, Copperloy partnered with ADVAN Design for SEO services and website development. Since then, a strong partnership has formed and Copperloy has seen ongoing success thanks to a tailored digital marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Before hiring ADVAN, Copperloy worked with several other marketing agencies. Each and every one of them told Copperloy it wasn’t possible to get them to #1 in the search engine results under their top terms. They said that Copperloy didn’t capacity to outperform their competitors.

The challenge for ADVAN was to prove these previous agencies wrong. The ADVAN team built a long-term SEO strategy that could get Copperloy to #1, and help them see the results they were seeking. We knew it’d be difficult, but with an increased SEO budget and a combined team knowledge, we got to work.

The Approach

ADVAN did not design Copperloy’s website, and in fact is in the process of working on a redesign with their team. However, we formulated an SEO strategy for the current website.

ADVAN determined the top keywords to get Copperloy to #1 and wrote outstanding content to help get them there. But in order to get the results we wanted, we had to identify what made Copperloy different from the competition. When writing content and optimizing for SEO, we emphasized that Copperloy products are USA-made, that their ramps have wide capacities, and that their products are engineered to make the job easier and meet ramp regulations. In addition to SEO strategy and content writing, we also took over managing their social media accounts. We used our creativity combined with our technical expertise to make sure that potential customers were presented with multiple opportunities to contact the Copperloy team. 

ADVAN also worked on outstanding graphic design for Copperloy. This includes sell sheets for yard ramps and eye-catching designs to draw in potential customers.

There was no one single solution that got Copperloy incredible results. It took teamwork, a healthy budget, and tools like technical SEO and graphic design. The results were that we not only got Copperloy over 300 keywords in the top 3 positions, but we created a user experience that made sales happen. It’s why Copperloy trusts ADVAN to tell the world why they are the leading manufacturer of loading dock ramp solutions. 

The Results

These results of Copperloy’s partnership with ADVAN have tremendously impacted their business:

  • 350 keywords in the top 3 positions
  • 10,000+ organic visits to their site each month
  • Over 10,000% increase in organic traffic
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