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SEO Success for PHSA | Best in Class Emergency Medical Responder Training

The middle of an emergency is not the time to brush up on your CPR training. In the blink of an eye it can be time to react and save a life. With so many options to choose from, who is a trustworthy training source to become an emergency medical responder?

Premier Health and Safety Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Accredited by the State of Ohio for EMR and EMT initial training. They participate in the process of obtaining State and National Accreditation for Advanced EMT and emergency medical responder initial training. They adhere to the United States Department of Transportation guidelines and follow the National Standard Training Curricula. The training programs meet and exceed the minimum hours required by the USDOT.

Premier Health and Safety Academy provides didactic education, clinical Emergency Department rotations with qualified preceptors, and ride time in the field with experienced paramedics. Students learn to make critical health care decisions and provide essential services to the community as emergency medical responders.

Premier Health and Safety Academy provides any and all levels of pre-hospital certification training—including continuing education classes and recertification classes that are available year-round.

A career as an emergency medical responder is challenging and provides a variety of experiences that are both personally and professionally rewarding.

The Challenge

As important as the quality of emergency medical responder training might be, you, unfortunately, don’t typically see much brand loyalty for the type of services the Premier Health and Safety Academy provides. This means that if they get lost in the shuffle of search engines, they lose the opportunity to teach the next generation of emergency medical responders.

When it comes to healthcare marketing, there’s very little margin for error. If PHSA was going to invest in an SEO company, it had to be a company with the ability to do in-depth research on what they do, what terminology is appropriate, and how to engage their audience.

The Approach

When PHSA partnered with ADVAN Design, hitting the ground running was an understatement. With a little attention to their website’s technical structure, content and messaging, we had a great place to start. We also continually created offsite content to peak their audiences interest, solidify them as industry experts, and drive quality traffic and leads towards their sites.

The improvements didn’t stop with SEO. Once their audience reached their site we wanted to make it easy to go from casually browsing to becoming a student. We  worked to structure their website to create a user experience that made signing up for emergency medical responder training a no-brainer. We also monitor their success every month to ensure they’re ahead of the curb with any Google algorithm updates.

The Results

emergency medical responder seo
  • PHSA ranks for over 900 organic keywords
  • Over 500 organic sessions a month
  • Over 50 high volume keywords on the first page of google

Over time we continue to help the Premier Health and Safety Academy grow their brand authority as the go-to for emergency medical responder courses and other life saving health education. It’s been an honor being able to work with health care heroes setting up the next generation of EMTs and first responders for years of success and saving lives.

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