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For more than 20 years, IRP Adjusters has served communities with passionate representation. A public adjuster is who you call in the aftermath of an accident when you’re fighting to get what you’re owed under your insurance policy.

IRP Adjusters handles claims related to: storms, fire, water, business income loss, and theft and vandalism. Their adjusters know how to decipher insurance terminology for clients, and serve as a source of support throughout the process. When you’re already struggling after an unexpected accident, the last thing you want to do is fight with insurance companies. With a public adjuster on your side, you have the support you need to get what you’re owed.

IRP Adjusters partnered with ADVAN Design for SEO services to drive more traffic through their website, and reach more individuals who need a public adjuster. They are licensed in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Florida, and West Virginia, so their potential clients are all over the country. ADVAN had to come up with a way to reach this audience by using the power of SEO.

The Challenge

The challenge for the ADVAN team was to develop an SEO strategy to reach a wide audience across state lines, and get IRP Adjusters results. In order to “think big,” the ADVAN team decided to start small, and develop a local SEO strategy to target audiences on a smaller scale.

The Approach

The purpose of local SEO is to get a client to stand out in a smaller market, rather than trying to compete with major competitors. In some markets, the smaller companies do have a chance against major competition, but oftentimes local SEO can work just as well. 

ADVAN divided IRP Adjusters strategy into the different states they serve: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Florida, and West Virginia. Then, we started with Ohio and identified the major cities and counties throughout the state. By targeting audiences in these areas, we were able to drive traffic for IRP Adjusters and get them the results they were seeking from SEO services.

On a technical level, ADVAN also helped move their website over to WordPress so we could better manage their site structure and health. This combination of SEO strategy and technical expertise turned the IRP Adjusters website into a top digital marketing tool, and they were able to reach clients like never before.

The Results

Since partnering with ADVAN, IRP Adjusters has seen these incredible results:

  • 800% increase in organic traffic
  • 45 new keywords in the search results in less than 6 months

As ADVAN continues to build out our SEO strategy for IRP Adjusters, we are confident their search volume and organic traffic will continue to improve. 


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