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Ohio Garage Interiors is a locally owned and operated flooring company, specializing in polyaspartic floor coatings. Their renovation process involves the installation of sleek, polyaspartic epoxy flooring that looks great and lasts for decades. Their team designers flooring solutions that work for you, and give you the function and aesthetics you’re seeking. 

The flooring installation process looks a little different for everyone, but in general it begins with the Ohio Garage Interiors team giving you an estimate. From there, they offer tons of options for flooring style and color. They use quality materials like DecoFlake and Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy to give you the floor of your dreams.

The Challenge

In 2007, ADVAN began working with Ohio Garage Interiors for web design. When Ohio Garage Interiors first connected with ADVAN Design, it was for website redesign purposes. ADVAN gave their company a new site that told their company’s story of offering ousttanding epoxy flooring that lasts. But, like any good marketing team knows, having a fresh website is much more beneficial if you can drive traffic there and boost sales. 

Eventually, Ohio Garage Interiors began investing in search engine optimization (SEO) services. Slowly, over a few years, their team steadily increased their SEO budget. The more results they saw, the more they realized that SEO truly is the best return on investment.

The Approach

A key part of what makes ADVAN’s approach so successful is taking the time to understand our clients. With Ohio Garage Interiors, we identified what made their business better than the rest. Their garage flooring process is a meticulous, accurate process that uses quality materials. They use polyaspartic epoxy flooring which is durable, low maintenance, and customizable for aesthetics. They can offer their clients sleek flooring that is not susceptible to things like water damage and mildew, and their two-day process ensures this flooring will last. There simply isn’t a better company when it comes to polyaspartic floor coatings in Northeast Ohio.

Once we identified this, we were able to tell the story of Ohio Garage Interiors in a creative, personalized way that showed customers what separates them from the rest. This, combined with a deep understanding of SEO practices, elevated their business. In fact, their schedule is completely booked through the summer, thanks to a committed investment in SEO.

The Results

The results of Ohio Garage Interiors’ SEO investment has been phenomenal:

  • 51 keywords in the top 3 positions
  • Organic traffic over 5,000 visitors per month
  • 1,000% increase in organic traffic

Having that many terms in the search results is one of the best drivers of business you can get, given the increase in online shopping and searching. And, generating this much organic traffic is truly immeasurable. All it takes is a committed investment in SEO.

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