School bus safety for drivers is unfortunately uncommon for many drivers of cars and other vehicles. Many of these drivers will pass a stopped school bus, despite the laws requiring them to stop their vehicle. However, this more often arises from ignorance of the laws rather than intentional aggressive driving. Without school bus safety for drivers, exiting the school bus becomes extremely dangerous and puts children at risk.

Most drivers have not directly encountered the rules surrounding bus stops since they first learned to drive, which was likely many years ago. The School Bus Safety Company is looking to educate the community with information on school bus safety for drivers. Here are a few important safety tips to remember:

  • Assume children are nearby and exercise caution when you see a school bus. Leave ample space around the bus.
  • Flashing yellow lights mean the bus will stop soon either at a railroad crossing or a pickup spot. Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Flashing red lights mean STOP. Never pass a school bus with flashing red lights regardless of your direction of approach. Stop far enough away from the bus to give crossing children plenty of room.

Effective School Bus Driver Training

School Bus Safety Company develops effective school bus driver training content, in addition to education drivers of other vehicles. They offer in-depth training programs for assisting CDL applicants with becoming professional drivers. CDL certification requires you to develop many driving safety skills. The SBSC program utilizes educational video content to make the process easier to understand. SBSC has also added 10 more subjects to the original educational content.

Although many past applicants have failed to CDL written test, the SBSC program ensures each applicant is ready for the entirety of the certification process. Other programs have left applicants unprepared for the CDL written test, so SBSC puts an extra focus on helping applicants pass. As a result, applicants can now face the CDL test with confidence. Also, many applicants will pass the test on their first attempt.

About the School Bus Safety Company

SBSC is a leader in the development of educational safety content for bus driving applicants. They have worked with countless CDL applicants attempting to receive certification. SBSC has also helped many companies train their staff, including 450 transit agencies.

Additionally, more than 3,000 school districts and other transit organizations have used the SBSC bus driver training program. See the following for examples:

  • Northwest Local School District Transportation Department, Canal Fulton, OH
  • Student Transportation of America
  • Atlantic Express Transportation Corporation
  • Public School Risk Institute
  • Escambia County Schools, Pensacola, FL
  • Akina Aloha Tour
  • Tuscaloosa City Schools
  • Illinois Central School Bus Company
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • Student Transportation of Canada

With SBSC, you learn valuable safety skills from a proven bus driver training program.

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