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Here’s What To Know Before You Purchase Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is used around the world for its ability to meet demanding applications at a competitive price. Depending on the job, stainless steel wire can be used as lockwire, spring wire, or even made into a flat ribbon and finished with a temper. Stainless steel wire is even used in the medical industry because of its affordability and attractive properties.

While there are many processes that shape and refine stainless steel wire, let’s focus on wire forming. Wire forming is a process that applies force to change the shape and contour of wire by bending, piercing, shearing, and more. This process has become widely used because it can turn wire into a number of different parts while giving it the coating and protection needed to withstand its application.

Wire forming is used with stainless steel wire, but it’s also used with copper, aluminum, and other types of alloys. Let’s review some of the different types of wire forming.

Wire Forming Methods Using Stainless Steel Wire

When it comes to using wire forming to shape your wire, the method used truly depends on the final product. Wire forming is versatile in that it utilizes a number of different processes to achieve the desired result.

Manual wire forming is the traditional method of shaping that uses manual machines. Operators use a hand lever and a spindle to adjust the force being applied to the stainless steel wire. Although this method isn’t used as widely anymore, it’s still a reliable style of wire forming.

As mentioned, stainless steel wire can be used to make springs. One of the ways to shape stainless steel wire into a spring is from “spring wire forming.” Per its name, this process winds the wire around a metal part to create an evenly spaced spring. This process is also called coil winding, and can be used to make electrical coils.

Another style of wire forming is hydraulic wire forming, which uses a hydraulic motor to move the rollers. This method requires knowledge of CNC programming, because this is what tells the machine the desired configuration. At the end of the process, the final product is discharged from the machine. This can be used with stainless steel wire and more.

Stainless Steel Wire Products

There are many more types of wire forming processes, which suggests that this method creates hundreds of wire products used everyday. Specifically, when it comes to stainless steel wire, this material can generate a number of products for industries everywhere. Stainless steel springs are used in the medical industry, automotive industry, and more, and are produced by top wire manufacturers near me for these specific applications.

Another popular stainless steel wire product is a wire basket. These baskets are made from welded wire mesh that forms a product perfect for bulk storage of parts and equipment. Depending on the wire manufacturer, these baskets can also be resistant to rust and corrosion. Their open mesh design means that visibility is made easy, and it allows companies to keep organized with the products they store.

Depending on the type of stainless steel wire, this material can be extremely heat resistant. For example, grade 316 stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. That means it can be put under stress in harsh environments, and withstand the challenge. If you have a clear idea of the application you need to create, that will help you decide which stainless steel wire is best for you.

Wire forming is a versatile process that works great with stainless steel wire. However, in order to find the right type and method of wire forming, you need to have a grasp of your budget, needs, and application. Once you determine this information, you’ll be able to find a compatible wire manufacturer.

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