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Copperloy Truck Loading Ramps

Unsafe and unreliable truck loading ramps can be a substantial detriment to the loading and unloading process. If people are moving heavy cargo in and out of trucks all day, the ramps involved should be able to handle the workload and then some. Copperloy truck loading ramps are more than capable of handling a full workday. They have designed some of the safest, most efficient ramps in the industry. Copperloy ramps are markedly superior to competing truck loading ramps and can make the process of loading and unloading much simpler and safer. Their one-cylinder design applies much less pressure than two-cylinder ramps; furthermore, they have faster-raising speeds, improved stability, and increased ease of operation. In addition, for convenience, the hydraulic pump is located on the outside of the ramp.
Copperloy’s ramps have unparalleled resistance to the usual wear and tear of a usual workday. They provide truck loading ramps with substantial longevity and reliability; thus, Copperloy maintains its position as a top manufacturer of loading equipment in the industry.

Why Copperloy Truck Loading Ramps?

Relative to other ramps on the market, Copperloy ramps have improved functionality. Many of their features make the loading process much safer and easier.

  • 8-Foot Level Off: This feature is a staple of Copperloy ramps and for good reason. The 8-foot level off makes forklift access significantly easier. It makes traveling on and off trucks and loading docks much smoother and safer. Loading with forklifts has never been easier than with Copperloy truck loading ramps.
  • Hydraulic Pump: Locating the hydraulic hand pump can be an inconvenient task for other truck ramps; however, Copperloy has designed their ramps with the hand pump on the outside. Not only is it now simpler to locate and operate, but it is also protected from dirt and damage, mitigating the need for maintenance. Relative to other ramps, this single-acting hand pump needs only half the effort to use.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Forklift access can be difficult for other loading ramps. Copperloy, however, has conquered this issue. Each Copperloy ramp includes an end plate that is shorter than a forklift’s wheelbase; therefore, the front wheels can reach the grating while the back wheels are safely on the ground. In addition, there is also a 7-inch safety curb, which prevents runoff. With both the low end plate and safety curb, forklifts can travel on and off trucks with much more reliability and efficiency.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: Refilling and replacing tires can unnecessarily waste a lot of time and resources. Solid/Pneumatic tires eliminate the necessity of constant refilling and other forms of maintenance. Copperloy’s solid tires also have lubricated bearings, making for nearly maintenance-free tires.


Coupled with the included features, Copperloy will also customize your truck loading ramps to meet your unique operation’s needs.

  • Versatility: These truck loading ramps are completely portable for simple transfer and positioning.
  • Customization: Copperloy ramps are available in a multitude of widths to work with the materials your operation loads and unloads at your facility.
  • Safety: Increase safety significantly with a steel grating for better traction and 7-inch safety curbs.

Safe and Reliable | Truck Loading Ramps

With Copperloy ramps, you can gain simple and efficient ground-level access to your trucks from anywhere in your warehouse or other facilities. These portable loading ramps will allow maximum productivity, improving overall capabilities for material handling applications of all types.
If you are looking to substantially improve productivity in your facility, consider Copperloy’s truck loading ramps and other products. With unparalleled safety and durability, Copperloy ramps are a necessary tool for success. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp!

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