How Can I Protect My Guns From Rusting? | VCI Weapon Bags

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Weapons From Damage | VCI Weapon Bags

With the winter season incoming, it might be time to store some of your weapons until spring. Because most weapons and guns are made of variations of steel, there’s always the threat of rust and corrosion buildup.

You’ve probably heard of VCI weapon bags, which are an easy to use mechanism to store and protect your guns. In addition to VCI weapon bags, there are other cautionary steps you can take to keep your firearms safe and protected whenever they’re not being used. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to keep your weapons protected.

#1 Store Your Guns In A Regulated, Dry Place

Where you store your guns has a huge impact on if rust and corrosion build up. Always keep the temperature in mind. If you have a spot that’s too hot or too cold, you risk damaging both the interior and exterior of your weapons. Too much heat isn’t good because it often leads to a buildup of humidity, which is the leading cause of rusting. In fact, all rust needs to form is for iron to come in contact with oxygen and moisture. If your gun comes into contact with excessive humidity, this is all the more likely.

If you store your gun in a spot that’s too cold, the same risk applies. As the temperature decreases, steel tends to pull moisture out of the air. This can cause condensation to build up on your weapons, eventually leading to rust or corrosion.

The best practice is to store your guns in a spot with a regulated temperature. If your garage is heated, that may be the best place. If you don’t have a regulated space for storage, keeping your weapons in VCI weapon bags is an additional step you can take to combat problems with moisture.

#2 Keep Your Weapons Clean

It’s important to regularly clean your weapons to ensure proper function. If you don’t clean a gun, over time it can trap dirt, gunpowder, and other debris. This buildup leads to more moisture, thus creating the conditions for rust to form.

In addition to protecting your weapons against rust, regular cleanings also ensure your gun is functioning at peak performance. This will increase the gun’s lifespan, too, and avoid any major issues down the line. While you’re cleaning your gun, make sure that it’s properly lubricated. A well-oiled gun keeps the frictions levels regulated and reduces the chances of oxidation. This is a great practice to do in tandem with cleaning, as well as using VCI weapon bags.

#3 VCI Weapon Bags

As mentioned, VCI weapon bags are great for protecting your firearms. But why invest in VCI weapon bags? First and foremost, these bags are great for rust prevention. Depending on the seller, most VCI weapon bags come with rust-resistant technology that uses some type of chemical combination to ward off rust particles.

In addition, keeping your weapons stored in a bag means they are far less likely to come into contact with moisture. This eliminates the conditions needed for rust and corrosion buildup. Perhaps most obvious is that storing weapons in VCI weapon bags eliminates their exposure to dirt and other particles, because they aren’t left outside or in public spaces that collect excess debris.

Most VCI weapon bags are easy to use, and all you need to do is place the weapon in the bag and zip it up for protection. After that, your weapons should be protected for two years or more before you’ll need to purchase new bags.

If you take the necessary precautions, you’ll extend the longevity of your weapons and avoid rust buildup!

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