Deal Breakers of Web Development Akron | Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

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Web Development Akron | Not All Website Design is Created Equal

We love serving our amazing city, and appreciate the opportunity to provide the best website design and development for Akron. Helping businesses grow with beautiful design and SEO gets us exited to wake up every morning.

You know your brand, you know what it’s going to take to get your brand online, all you need is the right web development company to build you the perfect website. The rules of web development should be universal, but more small businesses end up sinking thousands of dollars into website designs that never end up online, or don’t turn out as promised.

As an experienced web development Akron provider, we’re all too familiar with how the process should go. But if we have a chance to save our clients from missing the red flags that are glaring to us, but not to someone that doesn’t work in the industry every day, it would be wrong of us not to. We’ve highlighted 3 major deal-breakers that you should never accept from a web developer in Akron.

1. No Portfolio | Website Design Akron Deal breakers

If it was easy to master great website design Akron, everyone would have a website design business. This is not to dissuade you from hiring aspiring designers or web development students, but even beginners should be able to show you what they’ve done to decide if their ability matches what you’re looking for.

It takes building and breaking websites every day to master web development Akron, so if you can’t see an example website design portfolio, you shouldn’t expect to pay a dime. Keep looking for another web developer if this is the case.

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2. They Don’t Break Down The Cost

You do often get what you pay for with web development Akron, but when you’re investing your hard earned dollar on website design, the price should make sense when you break down all of the combined work that goes into your website design Akron.

A good web development company knows how much time it will take, what resources to use, and how to measure the design’s success, and should also be able to share this information with you. Building a website is a partnership, so don’t get taken advantage of by any hidden costs for your website design Akron.

3. They Don’t Update you on the Progress of Your Web Development

When you meet with a web development company, one of the terms you agree upon should be a specific timeline that aligns with your goals and deadlines. Understandably, things will change with surprise challenges, but if you’ve made your payment and don’t have a live website design when you need it, that’s unacceptable.

A web developer in Akron should let you know what work has been completed every step of the way, and if the deadline needs to be extended, they should communicate this with you as soon as possible. If your questions aren’t being answered, pull out sooner rather than later.

Who Can You Count On For Web Development Akron?

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Advan Design and Digital Marketing has over 2 decades of experience serving innovative web development and website design for the Akron and Cleveland market. You have a lot of choices when it comes to web developers, but what sets us apart is not the fact that we have the best designers, the best SEO experts, or the best content writers. What sets us apart is the relationships we build with our local clients.

We’re always responsive and accessible to our clients, and our web development and design work can be seen with companies all throughout the Akron and Cleveland area. If you’re ready to build a beautiful website with a company that cares, contact us today.

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