What Are The Design Trends For 2021?

Here Are 7 Design Trends For 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year of challenge and change, and for designers and other professionals, it meant learning how to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, it is often difficult times that inspire creativity and change. And when it comes to graphic and web design, that’s certainly where the industry is headed.
This past year showed us where the design industry may be trending in the next year. Though these trends aren’t necessarily “new,” they represent an accelerated transition toward a new and renewed era of design. Or, depending on how you look at it, maybe these trends are completely unprecedented, sparked only by the rapid changes COVID-19 caused. It’s up to you to decide.
Let’s take a look at 7 popular design trends for 2021.

#1: Utilizing Design Systems

After the pandemic shut down most workplaces, design teams had to think of a solution — and fast. And the most obvious choice was to adopt a design system, which is basically a way to organize decision-making and team meetings in a way that facilitates collaboration.
While Design Systems have been around for more than two decades, their importance was more seriously realized in the past year. Going into 2021, it’s likely that importance will continue as many designers continue to work remotely.

#2: Not Just Creativity

COVID-19 forced many businesses to make tough decisions, as revenue collapsed and there looked to be no end in sight. What it also forced businesses to do was adapt, which was extremely prevalent in the design industry.
In order to prove their importance, many graphic designers found themselves having to pick up more skills, like business strategy and advertising language. And, because of this, designers everywhere proved they are willing and capable of continuing to grow within their craft, beyond creativity and design principles. 
It is expected that this design trend will continue throughout the new year, as technology evolves and designers continue to look for new ways to innovate. 

#3: Data Made Simple

Infographics are all over the Internet, as graphic designers know, and now more than ever there is a massive flow of information online. As designers evolve and garner more skills, the industry predicts they will also trend more toward making data accessible. 
To keep communication and data simple, designers will trend toward simple infographics that present data clearly and effectively.
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#4: When The Home Became the Office

For many graphic designers, working from home became an everyday routine during the pandemic, which forged a difficult but necessary transition. But now designers are asking themselves: When and how do I separate my work life from my personal life?
It’s unclear (and difficult to measure) just how much graphic designers will struggle to return to a healthy work-life balance, but what is clear is that the issue will be trending throughout 2021. If designers can find a routine that carves out personal time for rest and relaxation, maybe, slowly, the balance can be restored. 

#5: Using Serif Fonts

The graphic design industry has been trending toward less bold and brazen marketing for a while. Serif fonts are a prospective design trend for 2021, and they represent this exact shift toward a more traditional, less aggressive design.
Serif fonts have been around since the 15th century. They evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia and are a nice way to communicate trustworthiness in a company. Look out for the usage of serif fonts in this new year. 

#6: Text-Heavy Videos

Given the lack of in-person filming that could be done this past year, graphic designers and animators had to adjust by creating more engaging video content. On-screen text and graphic animations can be just as engaging and communicative as live-action video content when done right.
Though things may change in this new year, it’s probable that for most of 2021 text-heavy video content will still be quite common.

#7: Social Media Sliding Posts

Nonprofits, corporations, news organizations, and many more saw a trend in 2020 toward social media slide posts. These posts are essentially 2-5 different “slides” that convey information about a particular topic.
For designers and writers, these slides were an innovative way to communicate more information in a single post. Designers had the opportunity to work with a theme but make each slide slightly different, whether it was by introducing a new color, font, or shape. 
Because so many of these slide posts were shared across platforms, this design trend is likely to grow this next year. 
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