Why Start a Podcast For Your Business | How To Amplify Your Podcast

Why Start a Podcast For Your Business?

So… you have a podcast for your business. You’ve invested in the equipment needed, you’ve learned how to edit audio, and you’ve got seemingly limitless ideas for topics and guests.

That’s exciting! What a great source of content for your company!

There are a few things you can do, however, that will boost the impact of your podcast and help position you as a leading expert in your field. If you want to make an impression on your customers and attract more listeners to your venture, then read on.

Invest in a music bed

Your podcast will sound even more polished with a music intro and outro. Just a couple of seconds of appropriate music at the beginning and at the end will make all the difference. You can’t use your favorite song for this, of course—you’ll have copyright issues to deal with. Instead, find a track you like at one of the many stock audio websites and purchase a license. Download your file and add it to the beginning and end of your recording, fading the volume underneath the track with your voice on it. A music bed really makes a difference in how professional your podcast will be perceived. A word of warning—a cheesy music intro can actually be worse than nothing. Opt for something tasteful that will be inoffensive to most listeners.

Why Start a Podcast For Your Business

Create some video

There are opportunities to maximize the content you already have by creating video content to support it. Consider creating a YouTube channel that features full episodes of your podcast. You can use a thumbnail image for your video and the audio from your podcast. This means that your podcast will be available on your podcast hosting service and YouTube, with the potential for many more listens. Consider SEO too. The description has space for a transcript and any messaging you want to include with the video.

Why Start a Podcast For Your Business

Highlight key messaging

When you share your podcast on social media, remember that the real benefit of having a podcast is that you can use it to be laser focused on your messaging. Consider creating a post that features some of the most salient quotes from your podcast by using a still image and text. You can pull several of these quotes out of one podcast and feature them on social media, with a link driving traffic towards your podcast. You can also use video here too to include snippets of your podcast, again including a link to your podcast.

Reuse content

When you have a few episodes recorded, listen back to them, and see if there are any common themes throughout. You could also see which sections are the most popular by asking listeners. Then you can put together a supercut that follows a particular theme or features a particularly popular part of your podcast. Again, you can create videos of these supercuts and include quote images on social media.

A podcast is a fantastic way to drive interest in your brand and to position yourself as a leader in your industry. A few extra steps during production and afterwards can really boost your listenership and convey your messaging even to prospects who don’t have the time to listen to a full episode.

With a little thought and effort, you can boost the efficacy of your podcast and reach new listeners easily.

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