Use 8×8 Glass Blocks for Stunning Windows

Glass Block Windows

You are likely more familiar with 8×8 glass blocks than you think. Glass block windows are windows constructed from thick glass squares. You may see decorative glass block windows with unique layouts in offices, and they are also common in bathrooms. Perhaps most commonly, you’ve seen glass blocks used as basement windows.

Beyond the squares that are different from normal windows, glass block windows have more details that make them a visually appealing window option. Glass blocks are thick blocks of glass, so light can still pass through them, but they aren’t totally transparent. The image seen through a glass block is blurred, which gives some privacy. When light is shining through a glass block, you can see the beauty in the design of these blocks.

Glass blocks are strong in their construction, between the thickness of the blocks and the material used to hold them together. There are professional installers available to assemble and install a new glass block window to ensure stability and security.

Different Options Decorative Glass Block Windows

When dealing with a glass block supplier, you will have a wide selection to choose from. To get the best glass block window that fits you, here are a few aspects to consider before your purchase.

8×8 Glass Blocks and Other Sizes

8x8 glass blocks exampleEven though 8×8 glass blocks are common, you should also know about the different sizing options available. There are 6×6 blocks available but they have fewer design options than the standard 8×8 glass blocks. Thickness of glass blocks are also different for commercial or residential builds; residential usually at 3” and commercial usually at 4” thick.


There is an incredibly wide variety of glass block patterns available. When choosing your design there are more factors to consider than just “do you like the way it looks?” Think about the purpose of the glass block window, how distorted you want the image on the other side to appear will correlate. If your window is for a bathroom, you will likely want a more distorted image than a window in the kitchen.


If you are looking to get colored glass blocks, you should be aware of how the block is processed. Usually colored glass blocks are painted on the inside, so if you are looking for exterior glass block windows, that is not a great choice. Painted glass blocks that are getting direct exposure to the sun will cause the paint to fade even quicker than it normally would. So if you want colored exterior glass blocks, you should get glass blocks in which the glass was dyed, because these will not fade over time.


vent for decorative glass block windowsShould you get a vent in your window or just have a solid glass block window? Glass block window vents allow air to flow into the room. Vent blocks specifically for venting dryer exhaust outside of your home are also available.

Vents for glass block windows come in various sizes to have an easier configuration to your window. You won’t have to worry about vents rusting shut, like normal windows. Thankfully, there is no metal to have that kind of deterioration. You can count on glass block window vents for the long haul.

Joint Types

The joint types refer to what material is used to seal your glass block windows together. The two big joint materials are silicone and mortar. Mortar is the traditional joint material for glass block windows, silicone is a more modern approach that has benefits over mortar.

Silicone window joints bring glass block windows a cleaner appearance. Silicone joints make the building and installation steps easier, because they are usually smaller than mortar. Silicone also allows more light to pass through than mortar.

Should I Go With a Glass Block Panel or Window?

The difference between glass block panels and windows are in the sizing and framing of them. Panels have a bit more flexibility and are a good replacement for a window. Glass block windows are at their best, during construction and the foundation can be built around.

Now that you have some basic knowledge, you can get started today with your glass block journey!

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