Looking for Design Inspiration? | Victorian Glass Sidewalk Vault Lights

Upgrade Your Space With Victorian Glass Sidewalk Vault Lights

If you’ve lived in or toured a big city, chances are you’ve seen sidewalk vault lights. Sidewalk vault lights were traditionally used in the 1800 and 1900s as a way to provide natural lighting to a space below ground level. You may have heard these called pavement lights or just vault lights. Essentially, this design feature is constructed of glass prisms that allow natural light to pour into a space. This eliminates the need for electric or gas lighting, and utilizes glass blocks that add a touch of style.

In the modern world, glass sidewalk vault lights are not as much of a necessity as they once were. However, this design feature has remained popular for its historic aesthetic. If you’ve been looking for an idea to upgrade your space, new age glass pavement lights might be the answer you’re seeking.

Glass Sidewalk Vault Lights | How are They Made?

There are plenty of manufacturers who make glass sidewalk vault lights for modern applications. Essentially, these lights are constructed by making a frame out of concrete, cast iron, or another type of metal that then holds together different shapes of glass blocks. These glass blocks are what allow light flow into a space.

Though pavement lights can be made from many different materials, cast iron and concrete have become particularly popular. Cast iron is affordable and reliable, and can be easily shaped to fit the glass blocks. Concrete is often used in construction and building projects, which means it’s a reliable material for manufacturing new age glass pavement lights. When you’re looking for a vault light manufacturer, make sure that their designs accommodate today’s weight capacities and standards. That way, you’ll get a safe and long lasting product.

New Age Glass Pavement Lights in Application

So where can you use sidewalk vault lights? Essentially, you can use this design feature on any walking surface where you want to increase light flow. Popular applications include:

  • Stair treads
  • Deck lights
  • Bridges
  • Risers

Museums, stores, and offices have increased their usage of glass sidewalk vault lights, as it adds a unique design feature you don’t see in just any building. The historical value and aesthetic of pavement lights makes a space more warm and welcoming, just by including more natural light flow. New age glass pavement lights give you a chance to reimagine an old design feature as something modern.

Find Sidewalk Vault Lights Manufacturers

If you’ve decided to invest in glass sidewalk vault lights, the first step is finding a reliable producer of this product. First, outline your vision for your project so you have the weight requirements, dimensions, and other specifications established. Next, consider any customization opportunities you want to explore.

As mentioned, cast iron and concrete are popular choices for glass sidewalk vault lights. In part, that’s because manufacturers can glaze and color these materials to fit the customers’ vision. If you want new age glass pavement lights that are sleek and colored dark or matte, you can specify this with the manufacturer.

In addition, consider if you want the glass blocks to be round or square. Historically, pavement lights have been shaped as squares, but round lights add a modern touch to the design. Depending on your application, the shapes might change. Once you have all of the details worked out, you’ll have an easier time finding the right manufacturer for your glass sidewalk vault lights. Before you know it, you’ll add this historical design to your space and accentuate the natural light.

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