Are Motorcycle Storage Covers Worth The Investment? | Purchasing A Storage Cover

Should I Purchase Motorcycle Storage Covers?

With the winter season approaching, you’re probably thinking about the best ways to store your cars, bikes, and other personal items. Winter means harsh weather conditions, moisture buildup, and low temperatures — all of which aren’t good for the quality of your motorcycle or vintage car.

But are motorcycle storage covers really worth the investment? How much does using a cover really differ from parking your bike in your garage? Before you make the purchase, it’s important to get the facts.

What Are Motorcycle Storage Covers Used For?

Perhaps most commonly, motorcycle storage covers are used to protect your bike against rust and corrosion. Unfortunately, rust is able to form quite easily. All that rust needs to form is for iron particles to be exposed to oxygen and moisture. In the winter, this moisture comes in the form of snow. In the spring and summer, it comes in the form of humidity and rain. Even if your motorcycle is in a garage, the moisture in the air can still find its way to your bike.

In addition, motorcycle storage covers are used to protect against water damage, UV damage, and dust. Most covers have a simple design. All you need to do is put the cover over your bike and clip or zip it shut. That way, not only is the cover acting as an additional shield, but it’s shutting out the outside elements that could otherwise come through the walls and cracks in your garage or shed. If you park your motorcycle outside, this is especially important, as there is no protection at all against the elements.

You might have not considered it, but some owners use motorcycle storage covers even to protect their bikes from thieves. With a storage cover over your bike, its shape and quality are masked, which means it’s less likely to catch the eye of anyone suspicious.

But Do I Really Need A Motorcycle Cover?

Knowing all of the uses of motorcycle storage covers, you still may be apprehensive. After all, maybe you live in a mild climate that doesn’t have snow or rain. Be wary of this approach. Repeated exposure to the sun’s strong UV rays can damage components on your motorcycle that are expensive to fix. Of course, the occasional exposure is fine. It’s relaxing to take a long ride on a summer day. But if you leave your bike sitting out, unprotected, for months at a time, the paint can begin to chip, which then exposes the parts underneath to further damage.

Motorcycle storage covers are the perfect protection against this. Not only do covers protect against the sun, but they’re a great defense against dust, dirt, and other elements, too. Plus, if you purchase a quality motorcycle cover, you won’t need to worry about buying new each year.

Purchasing Motorcycle Storage Covers

Once you’ve decided to purchase motorcycle storage covers, do some research to find the right fit for you. As mentioned, you don’t want to have to replace the cover every year. You should be using your storage cover year-round, whether the bike is parked inside or outside, so you’ll want something that lasts. Look for a cover that’s built smart and has a warranty of at least a few years.

In addition, if rust is something you’re worried about, look for motorcycle storage covers that come equipped with rust prevention technology. Certain designs will have rust prevention particles built into the cover, so that the cover forms an extra shield over your bike. Do some research, and find a reputable brand you can trust. Then, you can go back to enjoying your bike knowing that it’s safe under motorcycle storage covers.

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