Copperloy Yard Ramp Rentals | Saving More Time on a Safer Loading Dock

Copperloy Yard Ramp Rentals | A yard ramp linked to a truck bed with a forklift preparing to travel up it.

Maximize Dock Capacity Without Long Term Commitments

Each day at a loading dock is a little bit different. Some days are slower than others, and some feel like you will never stop running around. On busy days, it can seem like you just do not have the capacity to handle all the incoming and outgoing shipments. So, is it time to purchase some new yard ramps to speed up your operation? Where are you going to find room in the budget for that?

Having some busier days now and then should not mean you have to spend large sums of money on equipment you only use occasionally. With yard ramp rentals from Copperloy, you can significantly increase your dock capacity without breaking the bank. Now, you can prepare for your high-volume projects while remaining within budget.

Renting from Copperloy also helps you save time and improve workflow. With a single-acting hydraulic design and various maneuverability features, transporting freight has never been easier.

Save Time with Single-Acting Hydraulic Design

Copperloy ramps use hydraulics to perform basic lifting and raising functions. Hydraulics is technology that uses liquids to operate various mechanics. In the case of yard ramps Ohio, a single or double-acting cylinder is the raising mechanism.

Copperloy ramps utilize a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, but wouldn’t it be better to use a double-acting cylinder? Double is better, right? Well, while double-acting cylinders can reach extreme levels of pressure output, they are not always the ideal choice for applications requiring high levels of speed and efficiency.

Single-acting cylinders only apply pressure to one side of the piston with hydraulic fluid while a spring allows the piston to lower when necessary. This provides a variety of benefits that double-acting cylinders simply cannot beat.

Quicker Raise Times and Simple Setup

While single-acting systems cannot produce as much pressure as double-acting hydraulics, they are much more efficient. Double-acting hydraulic ramps trade in speed for strength, and more often than not, loading docks are looking for speed.

Single-design ramp designs will not utilize more pressure than necessary, which allows them to raise two and a half times faster than double-acting ramps. This makes getting the ramp into position a quicker process, so you do not have to wait around between tasks. There is also a hand pump on the exterior of the ramp, making ramp operation much more convenient. Just raise the ramp, link it to the truck or dock, and get to work.

Improved Safety and Stability

Yard ramp rentals safety | Forklift traveling up Copperloy yard rampWhen you need to ship large quantities of materials on a daily basis, you need forklifts to do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, having forklifts traveling throughout your facility introduces various safety hazards to both operators and other employees. Even with a team of forklift-certified drivers, you still need to train the rest of your staff on how to work safely around them. The last thing you want is your ramp causing more problems.

Copperloy yard ramp rentals have a centrally-located hydraulic cylinder, making the ramp much more stable. Wobbling and tipping are no longer an issue with Copperloy ramps, so forklifts have the balance and stability they need to complete tasks without worry.

Copperloy ramps also come with various other safety features such as the low end plate and high-traction deck grating. The end plate sits lower than a forklift’s wheelbase, ensuring all four wheels are on the ramp or ground at all times. Copperloy’s electro-forged steel grating makes forklift operation even safer by providing traction even in harsh weather conditions. These features work in tandem with Copperloy’s single-acting design to ensure your workplace is safer and meets OSHA’s strict standards.

Minimizing Maintenance and Downtime

Another advantage of single-acting hydraulics is the ability to reduce overall wear and tear. These systems only apply pressure in one direction with a spring to allow the ramp to settle back down. This helps the ramp raise much more evenly than double-acting ramps, preventing unnecessary strain on the ramp and its mechanisms. The end result is a ramp that requires much less maintenance and rarely breaks down, so you do not waste valuable hours on equipment downtime.

Manuever with Ease and Weave Through Your Facility

Maneuverability is one of the most important parts of yard ramp designs. Depending on the loading dock, your ramps may stay in the same place for hours or even days at a time. However, you will have to reposition the ramp at some point. Whether you move the ramp for every task or once every couple of days, it needs to move comfortably throughout your facility. The longer it takes to move your ramp, the more time and money you waste on inefficient equipment.

Copperloy yard ramps have a sleek and compact design, but their average model can weigh up to 6,000 pounds. That is significantly heavier than the average pickup truck! This is why Copperloy manufactures each yard ramp with features that streamline towing, so you can easily maneuver your ramps throughout your facility.

Positioning Sleeve & Tow bar

Copperloy yard ramp positioning sleeve | Yard ramp rentalsRepositioning your ramp between tasks is incredibly easy with Copperloy’s positioning sleeve and tow bar. The positioning sleeve allows forklift operators to make a full 180-degree rotation in no time flat, so you can make sharp turns without the need for multiple pivots. This feature also has three points of connection to the ramp, minimizing the risk of disconnection during towing. All rotation is focused on the sleeve itself, ensuring your ramp is not subjected to excessive wear and tear.

The tow bar allows the forklift operator to move the ramp throughout the facility at a top speed of 5 mph. This means you can reposition your ramp at the opposite side of the loading dock within minutes, saving more time between tasks and improving productivity.

However, the positioning sleeve and tow bar are not meant for high-speed, over-the-road towing. If you need to move your yard ramp over a long distance, you will need a specialized mode of delivery to safely transport it.

18-Inch Solid Tires

Copperloy yard ramp rentals solid tiresMobility features definitely help you get the most out of your yard ramp rentals, but they are nothing without tires. A yard ramp without tires would just scrape across the ground, and they probably would not last long under that kind of treatment. Copperloy uses solid tires to ensure your ramp travels smoothly.

Most people assume tires are filled with air in nearly every application, but solid tires perform much better in loading dock operations. Air-filled tires require constant refilling and maintenance and will often pop when encountering rough terrain, resulting in costly replacements. Solid tires, however, never need to be refilled, and their lubricated bearings ensure that maintenance is occasional at most.

Buying Used for a More Permanent Solution

If it turns out that your loading dock operation needs to increase capacity for the foreseeable future, renting might end up costing you more in the long run. Making a permanent addition to your equipment setup should not require you to spend excess funds on a brand new ramp. With Copperloy, you can simply purchase a used ramp and protect your budget.

“Used” is not the most attractive term when buying equipment, but each Copperloy ramp is factory-certified whether new, used, or rental. Copperloy will ensure your yard ramp will perform reliably and safely. While you may not get as much mileage from a used ramp as a new ramp, it is a much more cost-effective option that will still last for years.

Schedule Your Copperloy Yard Ramp Rentals Today!

If you are looking for yard ramp rentals for your facility, check out Copperloy’s inventory. They offer a full range of widths and capacities to meet the needs of any loading dock operation. With more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of loading dock equipment, Copperloy delivers solutions with superior durability, stability, and functionality. They also dock-to-ground ramps, edge of dock levelers, dock boards, specialty ramps, and more for those looking to add more to fill out their tool selection.

If you need a yard ramp but are unsure of what you need, get in touch with Copperloy today. Their staff is standing by to help you find the ideal ramps for your facility and schedule yard ramp rentals for your next project!

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