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Firearm Rust Prevention

According to Forbes Magazine, prices on firearms will only continue to increase in light of the Supreme Court ruling that overruled New York’s concealed carry law. This is in addition to price increases already in place due to supply chain issues and shortages in available materials for firearm manufacturing. There is never a good time for price increases, but for firearms owners, the summer is an especially tough time. That’s because firearm rust prevention is very difficult during the summer months.

Summer Sun Means Summer Challenges

For many outdoorsmen, summer is the season of fun. For firearms owners, however, the summer also represents something else – a greater threat for rust and corrosion of those firearms. Why? There are several reasons.

  • Sweat: Those sweaty palms of yours can be bad news for your firearm. Not only is sweat moisture, but it is also corrosive because of its saltiness. It does not take long for sweat to start making your firearm vulnerable to rust formation.
  • Humidity: No matter where you are, humidity is likely to be a factor during the summer months. Humidity equates to moisture, which is, of course, a key risk factor for rust.
  • Moisture: Speaking of moisture, those summer storms can also create issues for firearms. Especially if your guns are not stored properly, rainwater can be a primary factor in creating a rust and corrosion problem.

Gun Rust Prevention: Stop The Problem Before It Starts

The most simple way to avoid losing a firearm to rust is to prevent rust from forming for as long as possible. The most simple solution is to use a ZeRust VCI Bag. This product prevents rust and corrosion because it protects your firearm in ways other storage solutions cannot. That is because these bags use vapor corrosion inhibitors (that is what the VCI stands for). If you are thinking this means that you’ll have a big mess to clean up when you retrieve your firearm, don’t worry. The VCI bag uses an odorless and harmless vapor that does not create any mess to clean up. It simply staves off the interaction of oxygen, moisture, and other rust stimulants.

ZeRust VCI bags are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes and can be used for everything from a table saw cover to your smallest pair of pliers. They can even be used to protect bikes and motorcycles!

As firearms increase in cost, it becomes more important than ever to protect the ones you already have. Instead of trying to treat rust that has already formed, prevent rust using a patented VCI bag from ZeRust Products.

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