Best Way to Prevent Table Saw Rust is With a Table Saw Cover

Table Saw Cover

A table saw is a mechanical saw that is designed so that the product being cut can be supported while it is being run by the blade. The blade and the table remain supported and do not move while the operator moves the wood through to cut off what needs to be removed. Table saws are quite commonly used in woodworking, but one downfall of this useful tool is it is particularly susceptible to rust. This is primarily because most table saws are constructed with cast iron. Cast iron is notorious for its strength, but it also does not take much moisture to create rust on the surface of this material.

Option 1: Remove Rust When It Appears

One option for the care and maintenance of a table saw is simply to monitor it closely, and when rust appears, do your best to eradicate it quickly. This may not be as simple as it sounds, however. There are many different ways to get rid of rust and corrosion on a table saw.

  • Naval jelly is an option, but it is extremely corrosive, so while it might assist in getting rid of rust, it might also get rid of some of your table saw’s surface through pitting.
  • Mineral oil or WD-40: Mineral oil is almost always close to a woodworker’s tool bench, and it can be used for this application as well. WD-40 is a little harder to use because it evaporates quickly, which means you could be scrubbing the surface without the protective lubrication. The complexity with this treatment is that mineral oil or other substances that are left on the table saw can actually bring the rust right back again.
  • A corrosive scrubber: Some table saw owners might try to scrape the rust off with steel wool or sandpaper. Much like with naval jelly, this can end up causing more harm than good. While the rust may be scraped away, you will likely end up with unsightly pits in your table saw that will prevent it from working at its best capacity.
  • Avoid cast iron altogether: You can always try to avoid the problem by purchasing a table saw that is not made with cast iron. Some table saws are even being constructed out of granite. While this surface may last longer, the up-front cost is significantly higher.

Option 2: Prevent the Rust with a Table Saw Cover

Why try to treat rust when you can avoid it altogether? A patented saw cover from ZeRust will elongate the life of your table saw and prevent rust and corrosion for a long period of time. Table saw covers are just one type of ZeRust anti-corrosion bag. The company manufactures anti-corrosion bags big enough to protect a bicycle and small enough to protect pliers.

The anti-corrosion cover must be applied to a cooled and dry table saw cover to work effectively. Once sealed, the formula inside the cover will protect the metal from moisture and oxygen, both of which lead to rust. There is no odor or mess when the cover is removed. You can simply remove it and then get to work.

Woodworking tools are a serious investment and they deserve to be protected. To elongate the service of your table saw, make sure to prevent rust and corrosion before they start. Use a table saw cover that will get the job done.

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