How COVID-19 Will Affect Your Ecommerce Business

COVID-19 And Your Ecommerce Business

The Coronavirus and Internet Usage

COVID-19 has had an effect on businesses across the globe. With states in “lockdown” mode and quarantined for a number of days and weeks, internet usage has increased. states that internet usage has increased by as much as 50%. With more of your consumers spending time online, this may be an opportunity to increase your market share.

Grocery Store eCommerce

Online grocery shopping and delivery services have been offered by grocery stores in the past, but these methods hadn’t been widely adopted. However, with more consumers staying indoors and limiting their time in public spaces, people are choosing online ordering as opposed to in-person visits to the store.
Today, online grocery shopping is more readily available to Internet users, with services like Amazon Prime next-day delivery and Pantry services. Stores like Giant Eagle and Walmart are also offering online ordering, delivery, and pick-up services. Consumers will be taking advantage of these services now that they are wary of venturing into public spaces to get what they need. This has only added to the growth of online services.

What Does This Mean for Your Ecommerce Business?

It’s very likely that consumers will continue these online shopping behaviors in the future since they will have established these habits during the quarantine. Millions of first-time online shoppers are emerging and will continue to purchase products on the Internet because it’s convenient and safe. People are forced to figure out how to shop online amid COVID-19, and that habit won’t necessarily go away once the dust has settled and the virus has been eradicated.
In summary, consumers are learning how to shop online, which is a skill they’ll likely take with them into the future. Now is the time for your business to adapt by offering online services of your own.

How ADVAN Digital  Can Help You Elevate Your Ecommerce Business

The coronavirus has changed the way consumers shop, and there are a number of marketing strategies you can utilize to increase your market share. Now is the perfect time to ramp up your digital marketing.
Our digital marketing strategists and website developers are Ecommerce marketing experts who implement the right tools and strategies for driving traffic to your online store. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and customizable.
The ADVAN team has the skills and experience to implement Ecommerce SEO, social media marketing campaigns, email campaigns, website updates, and more so that you can maintain and even grow your eCommerce business during this time.
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