What Is HVAC Zone Control? | Why Your Home Needs a Zoning System

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Do you have a specific room in your home that’s constantly too hot or too cold? If so, your home is probably in need of HVAC zone control. When you think about your home, does the light bulb in your bedroom turn on when you turn on the kitchen light? Or does your faucet sink turn on when you turn on the master bath faucet? Hopefully, you answered no to both of those questions (and if not you might need to search for a different service).

The reason that your electrical and water systems aren’t connected like that in your home is that those utilities are zoned. They’ve been directed to specific areas of your home. HVAC zone control is the same idea, but for your heating and cooling.

Read more below about HVAC zone control and why you should contact an HVAC zoning contractor today.

How It Works

HVAC zone control works to regulate the extreme differences in temperature in some of the rooms in your home. With rooms varying in temperature so often, you’re actually wasting a lot of your home’s energy. Your heating and cooling system is the #1 use of energy in your home, and if it’s working overtime to accommodate those extreme differences, your energy bill might be through the roof.

By HVAC zoning your house, you’ll no longer have to change the thermostat in different rooms to accommodate the other hot or cold rooms. Instead, you’ll be able to control the zoned portions of your house from the ease of your thermostat systems.

HVAC zone control eliminates the need for dangerous portable heaters, fans, or window air conditioners. Each room you walk into will feel comfortable at the temperature you set it at.

Why It Works

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) zone control is effective because it combines your furnace and AC to create dual-zone heating. Motorized dampers are installed that open and close based on what you set each of the zoned thermostats at. The new dampers will then adjust to the zoned portions of your home and will decrease your energy consumption.

When you choose to have HVAC zone control installed in your home, you may have some electrical work changed as well. Each zoned portion of your home will have its own thermostat. The newly zoned thermostats will be wired to a central control panel that signals to each zone when to open or close the dampers in the ducts and HVAC system.

HVAC zone control is just like having a light switch for every room in your home. You wouldn’t have one master light switch to control every light in your house. Not only would that be inconvenient, but it would also be a major waste of energy to have every single light on at one time. HVAC zone control lets you control the temperature for different zones of your home for the exact same reasons.

Get Zoned!

It should be easy now to see the benefits of HVAC zone control in your home. You’ll save both money and energy that you can apply elsewhere. Local contractors will be able to easily evaluate your home for the best zoning options and install your system in no time.

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