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The Basics of Plastic Extrusion | Purchasing PE Pipe Extrusion Line

Whether you’re looking to buy a new PE pipe extrusion line, or are just interested in learning about the extrusion industry, it’s important to know the basics of plastic extrusion. Plastic extrusion is a high-volume, widely used manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and then formed into a continuous high profile product.

The plastic extrusion process begins by feeding plastic materials into an extruder. The extruder has the capability to melt the material by turning screws and using heaters that are placed within the barrel of the extruder. Then, the molten plastic is sent to a die where it is shaped. All that’s left is the cooling process, where the shape hardens into its final product.

The essential element of this process is the PE pipe extrusion line, which is the machine that melts, forms, and cools the plastic in a continuous process. Let’s take a look at exactly how the PE pipe extrusion line works.

PE Pipe Extrusion Line | Process and Capabilities

A PE pipe extrusion line is a large piece of plastic equipment with the ability to melt, shape, and cool molten materials. The PE pipe extrusion line has an opening barrel where materials are inserted, and then the material comes into contact with the screw. The screw, also called a rotating screw, is what forces the material into the heated barrel. Depending on the final product, the barrel’s heat can vary, as plastic materials interact with heat differently. However, most PE pipe extrusion line machines will have several separated barrels that allows for the heat to gradually increase. This will avoid the issue of overheating and potentially deforming the polymer.

The material also receives heat from the pressure inside the barrel, which builds up as temperature increases. The heat, pressure, and friction buildup makes the polymer and plastic material malleable and able to fit into the die.

Once it’s been melted in the PE pipe extrusion line, the material enters into a die. A die is just the shape of the final product, and a die has to be designed specifically to fit the final shape. Thanks to the versatility of the PE pipe extrusion line and the plastic extrusion process, a variety of shapes can be created in continuous profiles.

After this step, the product is then cooled, usually in a water bath. Plastics are known to be quality thermal insulators, which means they do not cool fast. It will take time for the plastic to cool in the PE pipe extrusion line, which is why some extrusion lines have a set of cooling rolls for the final product to pass through.

Although there are extensive steps in this process, the right PE pipe extrusion line will be easy to operate and generate products fast. There’s a reason plastic extrusion is such a popular choice in the plastics industry.

Making a Purchase | PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Cost

If plastic extrusion is the right process for your team, the next step is to purchase an extrusion line. Maybe you have a specific piece of equipment picked out, like the American Malpan Extruder. Or, maybe you are still in the planning stages and want to learn more about PVC pipe extrusion machine cost. Either way, the first step should be to find a reputable plastics equipment seller and talk to the professionals about your questions.

Those who specialize in the sale and resale of plastics equipment will point you in the right direction as to which extrusion line is best, and can give specifics on PVC pipe extrusion machine cost. Set your budget and expectations, make a list of questions, and find a reputable seller to talk to. Before you know it, you’ll find the best PE pipe extrusion line for your facility.

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