How Does a Used Film Extrusion Machine Work? | Features & Benefits

The Basics of a Used Film Extrusion Machine

A used film extrusion machine is a piece of equipment that’s common in the plastic processing industry. A film extrusion machine is used to complete the process of extrusion, which is when a material is pushed through a die. Materials like rubber, plastic, and metal are often used in the extrusion process to be shaped into the desired final product.

Extrusion is one of the most efficient ways to produce sheets and make plastic and rubber shapes. And, in order to complete that process, manufacturers utilize a used film extrusion machine.

The Extrusion Process | Used Film Extrusion Machine

Keep in mind that there are different types of equipment for extrusion, so your used film extrusion machine may not follow the same process as another. It’s most important to talk with the seller about the machine and how it works before you add it to your facility.

In general, the extrusion process begins when the raw material (plastic, metal, etc.) is fed into the barrel of the extruder. If color needs to be added, it will be added here. Next, the material makes it to the rear of the barrel and meets the screw. The rotating screw is what forces the material into a heated barrel.

Heat is used to melt the material and thus make it easier to shape and form. Depending on the industry you’re in, that temperature will change. In any given used film extrusion machine, there will be cooling fans installed in order to keep the temperature below a certain level.

Once the material passes through the breaker, it enters the die. The die is the final shape that is designed to mold the material into whatever product it needs to be. Once it passes through the die, it’s time to cool off. Oftentimes, this is done using a cooling bath, and in a certain type of used film extrusion machine, this cooling bath will be attached to the equipment.

Where Is a Used Film Extrusion Machine Utilized?

A used film extrusion machine can be used in a variety of industries. In fact, these machines are used in rubber processing, plastic processing, and even in the food industry. Certain pet foods and treats are created with food extruders in order to achieve uniformity. These used film extrusion machines are able to cook, shape, and cool pet food to exact specifications.

In addition to these industries, a used film extrusion machine could also be used to reprocess recycled plastic. If a manufacturer finds themselves with tons of excess plastic materials, they can then find a new use for them and pass them through a used film extrusion machine.

Purchasing a Used Film Extrusion Machine

Of course, you could always buy an extruder machine brand new. However, many facilities find that the value of a used film extrusion machine is just as good, especially if this isn’t your main operation.

The first step in purchasing a used film extrusion machine is to find a reputable equipment seller. The seller should be able to inform you of the history of the machine, any potential maintenance requirements, and any pieces that may need to be replaced.

Oftentimes, a seller will repurpose a used film extrusion machine so that it runs just like new! That way, you’re saving money and getting a quality piece of equipment at your facility.

Talk to potential equipment sellers about your needs, and take time to find the right used film extrusion machine for you. Before you know it, you’ll be processing products faster than ever.

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