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Why Branding Matters

The Importance Of Branding Your Business You probably hear the terms brand and branding a lot in the marketing industry, and you might be wondering what all of the hype is about. Is it really that important to build and maintain a brand? Is it an effective investment in your business? The quick answer is … Continue reading “Why Branding Matters”

Why Choose WordPress CMS?

Why Choose WordPress Website Design? Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools, so it’s important to use it to its full potential. If your website is developed in HTML, you may be spending thousands of dollars for maintenance and upkeep, unaware that there’s an easier solution available. So let’s talk about WordPress. … Continue reading “Why Choose WordPress CMS?”

How to Increase Organic Traffic

Attracting Attention to Your Company Website When it comes to expanding your brand visibility, it’s all about building trust with potential customers. Internet users tend to not trust the links search engines list as ads. For this reason, the continuous growth of your brand’s organic traffic should be a top priority.  What is organic traffic? … Continue reading “How to Increase Organic Traffic”

6 Expert B2B Instagram Tips

Be Authentic  Although using stock photography is a great way to build quality Instagram posts, to really build authenticity into your brand you need real-time content. When potential customers or clients are viewing your Instagram page, you want to provide them with a glimpse into the people behind the brand and the company culture.  Real-time … Continue reading “6 Expert B2B Instagram Tips”

Small Business Marketing 101

Research, social media, print ads, blogs — these are all examples of marketing. With all of these options, it’s hard to know where to start. Not to mention that as a small business owner, you’re probably already juggling a lot of different tasks. So you’re ready to start marketing your small business, but you may … Continue reading “Small Business Marketing 101”

The Importance of Graphic Design for Your Business

Whether you’re interested in business card design, logo creation, or website design, graphic design is of utmost importance when you’re looking to visually communicate your product or service’s features, benefits and USP (unique selling proposition). In order to create a cohesive brand and increase customer recognition, you’ll want to carry the same look and feel … Continue reading “The Importance of Graphic Design for Your Business”

Print Ads are Not Dead!

Even in our digital world, print advertising is not dead! Print advertising is still effective, and consumers interact with print ads differently than with digital. Print marketing materials like direct mailers allow you to reach potential customers that match your target audience. A campaign that utilizes print advertising in conjunction with digital marketing can produce … Continue reading “Print Ads are Not Dead!”

Why Small Businesses Need to Invest in Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing Technology has changed marketing for small businesses and large businesses alike. But large businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from this new technology. When getting started, a small business owner is focused on getting customers. While traditional advertising can be effective, there’s a more efficient way. Small business … Continue reading “Why Small Businesses Need to Invest in Digital Marketing”

7 Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity

What is Employee Productivity? Employee productivity can be the determining factor of a successful company. It is a measure of each individual employee’s output. If by increasing employee productivity, your business can benefit from: Increased Profitability Lower Operational Costs Increased Engagement Reduced Employee Burnout Improved Morale Optimized Resources Improved Customer Service Improve Productivity at Work … Continue reading “7 Tips for Increasing Employee Productivity”

2020 Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends It’s true that most people spend a good amount of time on social media these days. In fact, 90% of millennials use at least one social media platform regularly. That’s why marketers believe social media should be part of everyone’s marketing strategy. But keep in mind that it can be difficult to … Continue reading “2020 Social Media Trends”

What is Native Advertising?

You may come across posts that say “Promoted Stories” or “Recommended for You” while browsing social media platforms. This is native advertising, which blends into the content on the platform in which it is placed and delivers messaging in a more organic way. These ads look like they actually belong in the interface and therefore … Continue reading “What is Native Advertising?”

What Does a Marketing Firm Do?

At a basic level, a marketing firm provides marketing services to other businesses. Additional generic terms include marketing service, marketing agency, etc. But what does a marketing firm actually do? From SEO services to social media management, each company offers its own unqiue services. However, the goal is the same: to drive traffic and increase … Continue reading “What Does a Marketing Firm Do?”

Social Media Marketing Services

Elevate your business and brand with ADVAN’s social media strategy services When you choose ADVAN as your social media marketing partner, you’ll gain access to a team of digital marketing experts. With 25+ years of experience in the industry, we have the capability to leverage powerful software applications, analytical data, and influencers. ADVAN’s digital marketing … Continue reading “Social Media Marketing Services”

2020 B2B Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are constantly evolving. At ADVAN, our expert digital marketers keep an eye on all of the latest trends, tools, and topics.  You don’t want to fall behind your competition, so take a look at the tools and strategies you can embrace this year. Custom-Designed Websites Templated WordPress websites are easy to develop, cheap, … Continue reading “2020 B2B Marketing Trends”

5 Benefits of Project Management

What is Project Management? Project management help projects run more smoothly and efficiently, especially when it comes to marketing companies. A project manager owns the project information, deliverables, and roles, and monitors the project progress from beginning to end.  Some companies don’t have a project management team in place, which means there isn’t dedicated staff … Continue reading “5 Benefits of Project Management”

Kindness and the Coronavirus

Going the Extra Mile for Customers and Employees Will Build Brand Equity A Silver Lining From working from home to social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. It’s made us worry more and required us to see each other less. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be something positive that comes … Continue reading “Kindness and the Coronavirus”

Win More Customers from How You Respond to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Your Response Plan Above all, businesses in the travel, retail and restaurant industries have been disrupted by the coronavirus global pandemic. It’s crucial to make sure your marketing team is ready to take the lead in developing your organization’s response to this global health emergency.  Action Plan Adapt to evolving conditions by designing a … Continue reading “Win More Customers from How You Respond to the Coronavirus”

2020 Digital Marketing Trends

How Your Business Can Benefit From This Year’s Digital Marketing Trends The digital marketing world is always evolving. Although you may be aware of some of these trends, consumers might not be. Below is a find a list of digital marketing trends that can benefit your business in 2020. Shoppable Posts Social media is a … Continue reading “2020 Digital Marketing Trends”