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Why SEO Matters for Manufacturing Companies

We live in an extraordinary era; one marked by the omnipresent appeal of digital technologies. The manufacturing industry has flourished, with a never-ending flood of businesses marketing their services at minimal cost and with the potential to acquire a million customers at a never-before-seen pace. The old guard- steeped in tradition and averse to change- has perished, giving way to more nimble, inventive and tech-savvy leaders. And competition is white-hot.

That said, mastering SEO is no longer a matter of choice for manufacturing companies; it is a must. Being the lifeblood of potent marketing in 2022, a holistic SEO approach can spell the difference between a leading firm and one that constantly lags behind.

We dig deep into the ins and outs of SEO for manufacturing companies to help you become a high-flying manufacturer in no time, know what to expect from professionals, and much more.

Web Design & SEO for Manufacturing Companies

It All Starts With Stellar Web Design

An expert SEO team should not only have a sharp eye for aesthetics, masterfully manipulating space and graphics to come up with eye-popping web design, but also enrich your website with compelling copy, intuitive navigation and a myriad of SEO-friendly components to win Google’s heart. Experts should design an online experience that appeals to a broad audience while staying true to your brand’s ethos.

Before you communicate your web design goals to an SEO agency, consider the following questions:

  • What core brand values do you wish to communicate?
  • What mood should your website convey?
  • Which aesthetic quality matches your product best- simplicity or extravagance?
  • Do you wish your website to be accessible via mobile, tablet, laptop, or all three?

Once your trusted manufacturer web designers craft a top-notch website for your brand, it’s time to oversee other components of a robust SEO strategy. Ready to take your SEO walk?

Befriending Google

Today, the World Wide Web allows sole traders to easily compete with manufacturing giants for users’ attention. No matter how outstanding your service, it has little value if it evades web surfers’ hungry eyes. And the gateway to these eyes is leveraging SEO best practices to rank high on Google- the search engine king counting thousands of searches per second.

To put it simply, SEO for manufacturing companies refers to the process of optimizing your website so that it appears in search engine results for target keywords. To nail your SEO game, you’ll need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with meaningful content, sophisticated technical optimization and social media strategies all playing a crucial part.

A well-rounded SEO plan for manufacturing companies should include:

  • Meticulous keyword analysis to tap into your target audience’s queries, passions and fears;
  • Content creation to effectively communicate with the target audience and coherently convey your service’s strengths;
  • A superb web design to please the eyes of even the sombrest of inquirers;
  • Technical SEO (Sitemap, Robots.txt, etc.) and analytics setup to ensure your website is easy to navigate and speaks the same language with Google;
  • Link Building to further boost your website’s credibility;
  • Digital marketing across various social media platforms to reach people from all walks of life and skyrocket your client base.

SEO outcomes are only keenly felt long-term. To avoid would-be professionals who promise the moon yet fail to deliver, be sure to carefully check an agency’s portfolio of work and client feedback. Actions speak louder than words.

Industry experts should always apply time-tested SEO solutions tailored with grace to win the hearts of both Google and the clients. With the search engine giant’s technology getting smarter, and more and more people enraged with incompetent agencies flooding Google’s first pages, the clock is ticking for deceitful brands that fail to deliver real value. Dishonest methods like “keyword stuffing” are dying out gradually but steadily, so be sure to check if an SEO agency despises these like sin.

Nailing Your Social Media Game

Positioning your brand on social media can drive hitherto unimaginable traffic to your website, turning customers into your avid fans. Alas, over 58% of clients who Tweet about a poor customer experience never hear back from the company. Such are missed opportunities that cost negligent firms money as well as faith in their brands. Opt for service providers who can help you build heart-to-heart relationships with your customers across multiple touch points, being equally well-versed in marketing a brand on playful Instagram or more stony-faced LinkedIn.

The online audience has evolved. Decades of living in a digitally-driven world- where social networks have come to feel as natural as a ray of sunshine- have equipped consumers with a keen appreciation for real value and contempt for banal brand messaging. It is therefore vital to treat them as individuals with their unique stories and needs, rather than mere transaction-facilitators. With a plethora of possibilities to choose from, customers easily move on to the next option if you fail to quench their thirst.

That said, expectations are high, and you’ll need to partner with one-of-a-kind professionals who can get your social media strategy right.

How ADVAN Can Help: Trust Experts Only!

It is imperative for manufacturing companies to partner with all-rounder marketing agencies who know ​the ins and outs of SEO for business success. We at ADVAN are a stellar team of dedicated professionals, refusing to accept run-of-the-mill solutions and always pushing the edges of what can be. Outcomes- not outputs- are what determine our worth. Delving deep into the unique needs of your manufacturing business, we arm ourselves with passion and expertise to craft holistic SEO solutions better and faster than competitors.

Don’t be on the wrong end of the revolution. Leverage the extensive know-how of a reliable SEO agency to skyrocket your firm’s success.

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