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ADVAN Tailors a B2B SEO Strategy Specifically To Your Goals.

B2B SEO Strategy

A Successful B2B SEO Strategy.

When you’re selling from one business to another the rules and strategy change but the basis stays the same.  The entire goal of SEO is getting your web site to show up when potential customers are using search engines.  ADVAN accomplishes this goal in three steps:

  1. Researching the phrases your customer is searching for
  2. Writing for this audience
  3. Proving to Google we can write for this audience

In addition to designing our B2B Strategies around each of these steps, there are important considerations that are specific to B2B. With over 10 years of experience, ADVAN has had great success in the B2B market.  Here are the do’s and don’ts to navigating through the world of selling in a competitive market.

ADVAN Design | B2B Expert Considerations 

ADVAN creates effective SEO strategies that drive business to your website.  Additionally, we invent B2B sites with language that resonates and designs that prompt action.  As experienced marketers, we understand every aspect of B2B business and what it takes to become a powerful channel for inbound leads and sales. Our inhouse team consists of project managers, graphic designers, web developers, and marketing strategists.  All under one roof, our combined skills are a powerful asset.  ADVAN delivers unparalleled results, results that are dependent on particular executions.

SEO for B2B | Reach Multiple Decision Makers

B2B SEO Strategy is an investment that often has multiple hands in the cookie jar.  Meaning, there are multiple voices involved in the decision-making process.  Marketing managers, project managers, and executives will approach every problem with different questions in mind and solutions that need to be solved.  For SEO, this means that you can expect them to search using different queries.  To be successful in SEO, you have to optimize pages for each of these categories.

For example, if a Manufacturing Company was searching for ADVAN, here’s what searches may entail:

  • Marketing Managers: Best SEO companies for manufacturing, digital marketing for manufacturing companies, web design for manufacturing, tradeshow graphics
  • Project Managers: How to increase the quality of client base
  • Executives: How to increase company reach, how to brand my business

Depending on your product and the size of the company you’re selling to, that list can get longer and longer.  ADVAN works to define that list for our clients and diligently performs keyword research, optimizing fresh content accordingly.

Keys to Succesful B2B SEO Strategy | Low Volume, High-Value Keywords

SEO experts with experience tend to overlook low volume keywords.  They figure that they’re not bringing in enough traffic to worry about.  For example, there are 480 searches a month for industrial chillers and only 30 searches a month for portable chillers for injection molding.  However, these keywords hold a very high value because Business in the B2B space is smaller than it is for B2C, therefore these words still hold a very high value. $6,000 worth of value (or one portable chiller for injection molding).

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